Community Spotlights
[HA] Dom H. Admin
Promoted to Head Admin. Congrats!
Promoted to Admin, gratz :)
[M] Mr_Panda Moderator
This guy spent 13 hours of his time to aod last week! Keep up the good work man :)
[M] Rick_van_T Moderator
This guy has also been doing a great job getting 10 hours of aod time. Keep it up!

pro mo

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Oct 15, 17


Gz to volt for getting Super Admin - and to STUNfuckgun for getting Server admin.


fucking promotions again.

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Jul 2, 17


CG would like to announce that it has promoted its first openly gay Superadmin, congratulations The Elt, other useless promotions below:

The Elt Superadmin

FLuffy CG Server Admin 

Little Brat CG Server Admin

Dmitri CG Server Admin

Darky Headadmin

Gaahstad Headadmin

PC11 Headadmin

Kops Headadmin

thx cool story,


Pain congratz
Saul T Knutz Im so confused. Is a server admin higher than head admin.
SpookyCookie congratz can i get a homeless tag now ?

Many new promotions

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted May 30, 17


I haven't written a serious post in a while and this won't be one. We have a bunch of fucktards who were dedicated and all that fucking shit to get promoted. The one to recognize tho is Gloriouswede for getting Super Admin. We haven't promoted a Super admin in a while so ye gz and that shit. The promotions are:

Daedlic CG Server Admin

Volt CG Server Admin

Threen CC Server Admin

Skrt Head Admin

Funhuas Head Admin

Lampy Head Admin

FLuffy Head Admin


Wankish Knightsbane

Anders CC Admino Congrats :)
SpookyCookie holy moly congratz guise
DBossOfDWorld GZ Volt on getting that neat Server Admeme.

p r o m o

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Apr 15, 17


darcey, saynananma (CC Server Admins) and threen (Head Admin)

Barnesy Congrats Threen
Jeremy >tfw darcey is now the most powerful ginger
Tenma CC S.Admino concrats !