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Promoted to CC Admin, well done.
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Promoted to CC admin, good work.
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New CC Head Admin, well deserved!

Removal of FA:S and New Inventory System

Cloak Super Admino posted Sep 2, 18

Removal of FA:S and New Inventory System

Hello everyone,

Very soon (possibly even tonight) FA:S weapons will be removed from CG. FA:S weapons in your bank and inventory will be converted to 'refund tokens' which you will be able to exchange for an equivalent weapon. If you want to use FA:S weapons, your last chance is now. Jobs that spawn with FA:S weapons will have these changed to appropriate m9k weapons.

FA:S will be replaced with an alternate weapon add-on in the future.

Additionally, a new inventory system will be brought in shortly. All items in your bank should be brought over. The new system will have 'sizes' assigned to weapons as to restrict what you can hold in your inventory and bank, kind of like the system from Resident Evil 4. This should add RP and make raiding bases more interesting as you will have to make decisions as to what to bring. (Weapons can still be stacked)

If you have any questions please go ahead and ask.

Kind regards,
CG Staff Team

[CG] Dakk Reznar Admin Wait, when were the colors changed?
rJeff x "Cloak is an alright admin but everyone is f*cking with him"


Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Jun 3, 18

beastxtrick calping all around
brainlet x wankish
Hydrogen Super Admino :3 ;)

pro mo

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Oct 16, 17


Gz to Volt for getting Super Admin (demoted) - and to STUNfuckgun for getting Server admin. (demoted).


fucking promotions again.

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Jul 3, 17


CG would like to announce that it has promoted its first openly gay Superadmin, congratulations The Elt, other useless promotions below:

The Elt Superadmin- Demoted

FLuffy CG Server Resigned 

Little Brat Demoted

Dmitri Demoted

Darky Demoted

Gaahstad Demoted

PC11 Demoted

Kops Demoted

thx cool story,


beastxtrick congratz
[CG] Coner B Moderator My game just crashed in Civil Gamers GMOD and it doesn't pop back up when I search for it. What should I do?
SpookyCookie like how everybody already died again