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    unwarn requst

    Complaint Closed Hi Soapy Soap, I believe you have already made another thread following the format here, if this is not the case please feel free to remake this thread following the format. Kind regards, K2Cr.
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    Dear fellow UK'ers what do you name this piece of bread?

    You can get a Hot Drink with that for £2.50 total
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    Dear fellow UK'ers what do you name this piece of bread?

    Would you like red or brown sauce in your Bacon Roll?
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    [MilitaryRP] Complaint on the Staff Team

    Complaint Response Hi Connor, Thanks for taking the time to make a complaint, and apologies for your long sit time on the day. Quite simply it is extremely difficult to take your complaint seriously, being a former staff member yourself you should full well know that there are times where...
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    [MilitaryRP] Doofy's Complaint

    Complaint Response Hi, Lewiss Thanks for taking the time to make a complaint. Upon reviewing server chat logs for the specified screenshots, as well as speaking with Doofy it seems very much like the 'not dealing with X' complaints are invalid, as every staff member can take reasonable action...
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    Denied make certain roles obtainable

    -Support Besides the original mentioned point that servers cost money to run: This is already a thing. Staff members are given VPoints as a reward for excellent performance, it is very possible to obtain VIP ranks without spending any real money - Staff members, I believe (or is at least the...
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    Skeebiesquid's UHC application

    +Support + Active + I am naturally biased towards you + Excellent regiment leadership + Friendly + Natural enemy to @Falcon
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    Forums role

    Typically forum tag requests are done via this thread:
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    Risky's Leaving Thread #2

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    no face no case

    no face no case
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    Who would win in a 1v1

    Killing someone while they're AFK doesn't count
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    Best Civil Gamers Server ?

    Civil Universe :cry: @Falcon @Beans @Cal
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    Skeebiesquid staff app

    Application Withdrawn Thread Locked.
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    Sins demotion appeal

    Appeal Accepted Hi Sins, Thanks for taking the time to make a demotion* appeal. You seem to have amassed quite a few positive responses to your demotion appeal, please ensure your activity is kept up and I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job. Speak to a Senior Admin+ on TS3 to be re-inducted into...
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    Ban appeal

    Appeal Denied Hi Cruze/Stevie Moa, Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal. After reviewing the evidence at hand, provided to us by our staff team, we are confident that you have cheated on Civil Gamers Military Roleplay, therefore we will not be accepting this ban appeal. You may...