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    It has been a blast

    I took some time off the server to see whether I would feel like playing again or not. It turns out I don't. Everyone on the server was great! It was just that It became more of a job instead of having fun. Love you all and hope to hear from you in the future!!!
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    Senpai's MRP Mod App

    + Support + Very friendly + Can be mature + Very active + Long standing player + Decent rule knowledge Good Luck!
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    Legion's MRP Staff Application

    - Neutral (leaning to + Support) + Friendly + Active + Mature - Unsure about rule knowledge Good luck!
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    Sins's Staff App

    + Support + Very active + Been on the server for quite a long time + Friendly - Unsure about rule knowledge Hey Sins! I am giving you +support for the reasons stated above. Good Luck!
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    Pavel Maxim Staff App

    - Neutral - No interaction Good Luck!
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    Dmitri Adamsov/Adamowicz Mod Application

    + Support + Been on the server for long time + Shows dedication + Decent rule knowledge + Friendly + Mature Hey Dmitri! I have given you + support for the reasons stated above. Good luck!
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    mod app

    +/- Neutral - Not enough interaction - Very small detail in application
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    staff application Heindrik Auswerd V1

    + Support + Friendly + Very active + Decent rule knowledge - Could improve on maturity - I believe you should wait a bit longer with the application, since you were warned very recently Hey Heindrik, I am giving you neutral for those reasons stated above. It has been only 2 days since your...
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    Speedy's staff app

    +/- Neutral - No interaction
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    MostlyOp's MRP Staff Application

    - Support ( Does not meet requirements) 3. You must have played on the server for at least two weeks before creating your application.
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    Dimitri Rascalov's Moderator Application V.3

    + Support + Extremly Friendly + Never had any issues with you + Mature + Great activity + Very respectfull to others + Solid application Hey Dimitri! 3rd time is the charm! I believe you are an excellent example of the fact that every player can rehabilitate! Despite your past, I believe you...
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    Mr Wonderfool’s UHC Application

    + Support + Very active + Good leader + Very friendly Shame you would leave 10th... Good Luck!
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    Pasi's mod application

    + Support + Great activity + Very good rule knowledge + Friendly + Played on the server for long time + No warnings Hey Pasi, overall I believe you are a great candidate for staff! Good Luck!
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    Tyler - Moderator Application

    -/+ Neutral + Active IG + Solid application - No interaction - Unsure about rule knowledge
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    SWO Dmitri Adamsov's Mod Application

    +/- Neutral + Active both in TS/IG + Mature + Friendly - Bad rule knowledge (seen you breaking rules) Hey Dimitri! I believe you would make a good staff member, but your rule knowledge needs improving. I will be going with Neutral, since I don't believe your rule knowledge is of a staff member...