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    Gela is great staff!!!!!

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    [MRP] Chad Power - Resignation Appeal

    +Support Yes please! (Reasons listed above)
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    [MilitaryRP] SHA LTCOL I Luv Kebabs Reg Command Term Application

    +Support A great addition to the Regimental Command team, friendly and always willing to learn and improve. Very active in-game and on TS3, definitely a person that SHA can depend on.
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    [MilitaryRP] SHA Colonel Lex Ivanov's Reg Command Term Application

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:35646580 Discord name: JonTrooper#5490 Age: 20 For how long have you played on MRP: Since January 2022 In what country are you located?: Iceland 🇮🇸 Time zone: GMT NATO name (regiment and rank): N/A USSR name (regiment and rank): SHA COL Lex Ivanov ⭐ Civilian name: Jon...
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    VIP Keter Refund - ShadyDave

    This is not real
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    Hello, welcome and thank you for choosing to play GENSEC, without them the whole facility would crumble. Soon you might even join the Riot team!
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    Darkos' HC Application

    +Support Friendly, great leader and I've not witnessed any negative interactions or unprofessional behaviour. With that, I believe he would be a good choice for the USSR High Command.
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    Hamood's Moderator Application

    + Support Incredibly friendly and mature person who takes ownership of their mistakes and learns from them based on the well put together application. A great potential addition to the staff team in my opinion.
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    Sins UHC Application

    +Support + Likes F1 / intelligent + Active + No bad interactions + Might stay as UHC for at least 15 days + Dutch
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    It's been a good year

    I may not agree with the decision to quit videogames as a whole, instead you could try allotting an hour or two a day; but who asked! You were a superb soldier during your time in the Shock Army, good luck with your future endeavors! - SHA Lex Ivanov