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    Harvey's 2nd NHC application

    ++ support + great leader, has lead wars do major victories + active IG and TS +is a great guy and enjoys helping people + Very mature Good Luck!
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    Captain Rex HighCommand App

    +/- Support +active TS IG and discord +Great leader +great at helping people -just needs a bit of help with strategy's leading war
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    Beskar NHC application

    FAT+support Very good leader and is successful in what ever he does Active IG and TS Helps the regiment a whole lot Went on a BIG LOA and still was organising JAF afk Deserves the rank Goodluck! everyone in JAF will miss you but you have helped every single member of JAF!
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    Harvey's NHC Application

    +Support +Great leader +Active IG and TS +is very civil gamers
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    mod app