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    Chan's Director of Intelligence Application

    Application Accepted Thank you for taking the time to apply for Intel Director seeing as there is already a director you will be designated as Deputy Director of Intelligence. Please contact me or an admin+ in game to get your position.
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    [USA] Doofus' Director of Intelligence Application

    Application Accepted Congratulations on your new role inside the foundation, If you have not done so yet, please contact an Admin+ for your whitelist.
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    Ban Appeal

    Appeal Response Hi @Ketone thank you for taking the time to make this appeal Considering what was stated above and you understanding that the ban was justified this appeal will be denied Kind regards, Richard
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    [SCP-RP USA Warn Appeal]

    Complaint Response Hi @LupinGotMoney thanks for taking the time to make an appeal Seeing what was stated above you got on an scp because someone said they would breach you this is not allowed which is what got you warned. From the evidence that is provided above your warn will not be removed...
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    [SCP-RP][USA] My complaint

    Complaint Closed Hi @FTOBBiscuit thanks for taking the time to make this complaint as it stands now the ban should be expired and you should be allowed to play again. Some extra information for you is that homad is no longer a member of the staff team, sorry for taking long to respond. Kind...
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    SCP-RP False Warn USA

    Complaint Response Hi Fox, Thanks for taking the time to make a complaint. From the Information I have gathered from this situation it seems that you were body blocking as an scp while also trying to free a researcher which you should not be doing in the first place. Considering that there...
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    [US] Valks Overseer Assistant Application

    From the Office of the ██████████████ ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Application Denied Thank you for taking the time to apply for ████████ Assistant. Unfortunately, the ███████ has declined this application due to the OA position being full.
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    Unban (FailRP)

    Hi @SLASHER like you have already stated you were banned for false breaching 008, your excuse for doing this being that a doctor told you to close the hatch. This in of it self is fairly unbelievable supported also by the fact that before this ban you had already gotten a class E failrp ban...
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    The Lean Demons app

    -Support I'm more impressed how your not perma banned at this point
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    Staff Richard for just basic shit.

    Hi Giles, you were banned due to you saying a racial slur, your explanation for saying why it was justified is not valid due to that fact that it is STILL a racial slur. With you mentioning sunny from what I know he has already been banned for also saying racial slurs. During that time where I...
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    [USA] Doofster "Doc" Runner's Deputy DOI Dpt Head Application

    Application Accepted Thank you for taking the time to make your application please contact an Admin+ in game to receive your whitelist Good luck with your new position
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    Sit was resolved and the admin still banned me

    In saying "I wish I could shoot" people can take that as a threat to themselves, which is what happened in this situation. The part about not having a clip like I said I had no clip, but the fact that in the sit you said the exact same thing that you were being accused of saying all the more...
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    Sit was resolved and the admin still banned me

    Hi @Slippinn Jimmy I told you that I would send you back but to expect punishment which was the ban, the reason you were banned was for saying "I wish I could shoot fat neck bearded people like you irl.". During the sit you tried to explain it by saying you meant "I wish I could shoot. Fat neck...
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    Mod Application

    +Support Good playtime Very active IG/TS Friendly Good active hours per day
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    [US] Chris Henderson's Moderator Application

    +Support Lots of good personal interactions No warns/bans Previous staff experience Good playtime hours VERY minimal hours per day Hope ya get accepted my boy <3