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    [USA] Fynn Rodgers Security Captain Application.

    +support Fynn is the best security in the entirety of civilgamers!!!!
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    [SCP-RP] [USA] Polzer Antons Executive app

    +support Polzer was a good executive granted he was demoted for a good reason but he deserves a 2nd chance
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    Huff's Chief of Medicine Application [UK]

    may not play the UK site much but the few times i did they were doing pretty well a big + support for me imagine being french smh
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    Williams Site advisor application

    -support i agree with prodigy here (great name my dude)
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    [USA] Osoro's O5-6 Application | "The Prodigy"

    +support Osoro has been nothing but good to the research department and could be a giant help as a member of the O5.
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    [USA] Chief of Sec. Application

    didnt fill in this lil section when this is filled in i am all down for a +support
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    [US] Boz Henry Ethics Assistant

    -support very barebones didnt even fill in half of the shit so you arent even able to be accepted.
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    (SCP) (US) Why is CI like this?

    also helps if you see shit like a CI-B on 323 teaming with CI report it to a DELCOM+ to deal with it
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    (SCP) (US) Why is CI like this?

    just because you arent on when THEY are on, doesnt mean they do jack shite, I am on a whole bunch during the times where raiding as CI is more scarce as it jumps between 3-4 MTF every couple minutes. + DELCOM+ have other stuff to do than be ingame...
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    Locust's Site Advisor Application

    +Support locust is probably the nicest person maybe besides a few people ive met in CG. he deserves this position.
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    [US] Zalathar "Zala" Delosium's Chief of Medicine Application

    +support very extremely stinky but also quite good at medical :)
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    Osoro "Ringer" Mutekin's [Deputy] Director of Research Application

    +support Very good at his job as executive, he is more than ready for director (deputy)
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    My O5-6 application

    -support this is the BARE minimum application and to be honest you just arent fit for O5