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    Fafnir / Serberus Game Master Application

    +support Active in game and ts3 good event ideas friendly
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    Valk's Second UHC Application

    +support - Mature - Active in-game and on TeamSpeak - Friendly - UHC in need of more members - King
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    Jack G Staff Application

    +support -Active IG/TS3 -Mature -Friendly and a good man -Rule Knowledge is gucci
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    Sins's Demotion Appeal

    +Support -Nice guy -Activity has improved -Rule knowledge has not deteriorated
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    roach staff application

    +Support + Active IG/TS + Friendly + Mature + Good rule knowledge +i love him for being a chad
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    vladameers GM app

    Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name):uncleteapot For how long have you played on CG MRP:11 months+ Age:16 In what country are you located?:UK Time zone:BST NATO name (regiment and rank): Vladameer INF Pvt USSR name (regiment and rank): Vladameer ABT LTCOL Civilian...
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    Captain Rex GM APP

    + support - Active - Mature - Friendly and approachable - Good small event ideas
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    Legion Kuo's GameMaster Application

    +Support +good man good GM app creation +Good map change idea +Good reg missions ideas +Active IG/TS
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    Mate Blackwood Staff Resignation Appeal

    +SUPPORT + active IG and TS + mature + friendly and approachable + very good member had some fun interactions Mate blackwood good luck
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    Brian Bell High command application

    +Support -Active IG/TS -Mature -Good leadership qualities -Strong figure head of AG & People in the line up for LTCOL
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    Jonka's Gamemaster Application (Wholesome poggers 100)

    +support + super Very good ideas + you seem experienced for game master + Active
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    Legion Kuo's moderator application.

    +Support +Active +knows the rules +Active in TS3 +Kind +Helpful
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    Duckie NHC application

    +Support +Active +Very nice guy +Good leader +Mature +Is a duck
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    Nicholas Lances UHC Application

    -Support -inactive -large amount of warnings -ABT is in shambles needs help -Goodluck hope to see what happens
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    Dimitri Rascalov's UHC Application

    -/+ minus/Neutral -have seen active much -/+ kind and mature -Abt needs active co's atm and it needs you and other CO'S -but if this does get accepted then GL hope you do well but ABT needs its help right now