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  1. Infeurce

    Pasi's UHC application

    +MASSIVE Support +Maybe gay +Very good Leadership and management skills +Very active +A lot of experience in the server +Swedish
  2. Infeurce

    Noah Kraus Mod app Mk2

    ++ SUPPORT Absloute LEGENGD Mature Guy Active on TS And IG +Not A Jew (As Far As I Know)
  3. Infeurce

    Jons's High Command Application

    +Active TS & In-Game+Never seen lead + jew Good luck! :cool:
  4. Infeurce

    Good bye

    NOOOO Who's gonna Mrdm :Cry: See you Sir
  5. Infeurce

    KayKays Mod Application

    Hello There i'm gonna be going for a -Support From me For the following reasons Last Time I Was On You Were Cop Baiting + Not getting out of the car while you had 2 officers point guns at you and tell you to get out
  6. Infeurce

    I am done with the bullshit.

    me :)
  7. Infeurce

    Mural UHC Application

    +Support Absloute Giga Chad Good atleading awrs Has lead multiple wars P.S i will be hunting down whoever denies this < 3
  8. Infeurce

    Jons's Farewell

    Good Bye my favourite Jew Long political arguments Good Bye :Cry: Ps:Palestine = Chad
  9. Infeurce

    Rascalov's Moderator Application V2

    -Support Active ingame/TS Friendly recently Warned for RDM and character abuse
  10. Infeurce

    (MRP) USSR High Command application

    +Support Good Lad Very mature Active
  11. Infeurce

    Tyler - Moderator Application

    -Neutral - Not seen IG - Not seen on TS I don't think that we have had the pleasure of interacting with one another. Poke me when you next come on TS so we can have a chat. It may be that because you are in America I don't see you because of the time zone difference what times are you usually...
  12. Infeurce

    Salas's Mod application

    :salute: Thank you Sir
  13. Infeurce

    Coolioo's Goners

    NO DONT GO :(
  14. Infeurce

    Salas's Mod application

    Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name):Hsfawzy For how long have you played on CG MRP: I'd say a coluple of months and i played a bit on launch Age:14 In what country are you located?:Egypt Time zone: GMT+2 NATO name (regiment and rank): None USSR name (regiment and rank)...
  15. Infeurce

    Joseph Rukovich's Farewell

    Noooo my favorite Jew Who will i argue politics with :cry:
  16. Infeurce

    New CG! New events!

  17. Infeurce

    CG Rapbattles

    reupload since it isnt on here
  18. Infeurce

    CG Rapbattles

  19. Infeurce

    How would a guy improve maturity?

    Full credits go to @Mercer i found this on the old forums thought it might help some people so enjoy Hi there, I will say that I agree with AntiGarry and Krage and I respect that you are asking this question, with whatever intention you have for it, as it shows that you do wish to improve. I...
  20. Infeurce

    Which staff you simp?