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  1. MysticAce

    MysticAce's GM Application

    Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name): Mysticace For how long have you played on CG MRP: I haven't continuously since 3-4 weeks back, however, played since server launch. Age: 23 In what country are you located?: United Kingdom Time zone: BST NATO name (regiment and...
  2. MysticAce

    The post everyone writes.

    I felt obligated to write one of these stupid posts solely to give a shout out to the few I can genuinely say I've had the pleasure to meet. Regardless of my removal from the team I'll still try and be present within the community and help as and where I can as I have always tried to do so feel...
  3. MysticAce

    League Of Legends - Civil Gamers Battle [MRP VS CG]

    I and Hydro agreed it'd be quite a good idea to have some server v server conflict. MRP Vs CG League match, Hydro and Myself for CG, however, we are in need of more players for MRP and CG CG: Hydro - ADC Mystic - Mid Brynjolf - Top Harvey - Jung Infeurce - Support MRP: Fortze - ? Nemrex -...
  4. MysticAce

    My Sanity

    Will trade for a better life.