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  1. MysticAce

    Olegi dev aplication

    Hi Olegi, To be completely honest with you, with no experience and no understanding of GLua this application will most likely be denied by the powers above. I would advise that you create some work on single-player and show off your skills then present them to the team as development is taken...
  2. MysticAce

    MysticAce's GM Application

    Sorry, when did this happen? // Edit: Better yet, come on ts3 and we can talk about this. I don't remember when this happened.
  3. MysticAce

    MysticAce's GM Application

    Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name): Mysticace For how long have you played on CG MRP: I haven't continuously since 3-4 weeks back, however, played since server launch. Age: 23 In what country are you located?: United Kingdom Time zone: BST NATO name (regiment and...
  4. MysticAce

    The post everyone writes.

    It's crazy how times passes, Coolioo's channel was always poppin off
  5. MysticAce

    The post everyone writes.

    Will continue to be a pleasure to help where I can. Still, remember the conversation that lead to me applying " Zeus you know he's raiding an illegal base without advertising? surely you should do something " -- Zeus [" Just fucking apply for staff, I'm tired"]
  6. MysticAce

    The post everyone writes.

    You'll still lose.
  7. MysticAce

    The post everyone writes.

    You bouta lose your name privilege
  8. MysticAce

    The post everyone writes.

    I felt obligated to write one of these stupid posts solely to give a shout out to the few I can genuinely say I've had the pleasure to meet. Regardless of my removal from the team I'll still try and be present within the community and help as and where I can as I have always tried to do so feel...
  9. MysticAce

    Hydro is the best staff member to ever exist.

    Oooooookay buddy.
  10. MysticAce

    [CityRP] Complaint on Relman

    Just don't be stupid mate, listen to seniors when they tell you to do/not do something at the end of the day you didn't pick that image because you liked the anime. No point complaining about this mate, your just making yourself look stupid at this point.
  11. MysticAce

    Corruption in the mod/admin team.

    @Caesar As stated above by Relman, complete the complaint using the format provided. We aren't to respond or frankly take it seriously if you're going to throw a tantrum while throwing insults at senior staff as if it'll make a difference.
  12. MysticAce

    Unban Totley Toe

    To be honest mate, you being AFK just isn't as believable as it sounds. Literally, 5s after me banning Tetley you also disconnected so either this is a wild coincidence or you left as he was banned insinuating you weren't AFK at the time. Regardless, I couldn't identify which one of you was...
  13. MysticAce

    A Complaint - Lies, Corruption, Bias

    Added a new rule to prevent this issue in future. [NEW]4.9 - Police reports - Police may not actively raid a property off information from a police report unless they are responding to an active situation(i'e a shoot-out, actively hearing meth within the property etc)
  14. MysticAce

    Türk's ban appeal

    Already has been Reduced to 2days, Don't RDM people. If you're having a laugh late at night that's fine however there's a line when your just randomly shooting people that are unarmed walking around the base.
  15. MysticAce

    The Welsh Demon - MRP Fanfiction

    I'm not going to be in part 2.
  16. MysticAce

    The Welsh Demon - MRP Fanfiction

    Weird twats..
  17. MysticAce

    Sly ban appeal

    This blue line represents your aim, You shot this person as they were moving to cover however randomly you look away then immediately look back on this guy then start taking pot shots into the bush trying to kill him (He only survived due to a shield he'd placed) What footsteps. Your literally...
  18. MysticAce

    When vguns coming back to darkrp

    We're pursuing avenues regarding the re-implementation of Vguns and how they will return to CG, whether it'll be a full transfer from M9K - VGuns or M9K with a mix of Vguns alongside. We are also currently testing new ways of making the pack more unique in its handling to just make them more...
  19. MysticAce

    False ban

    I'm sorry but you've created a ban appeal stating your ban reason was RDM when in reality it's a much bigger offence. How do you accidentally kill a large group of people then leave the server?
  20. MysticAce

    Commander Smith Signing out.

    First of all, Nah not happening mate. Second of all. WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT AT THE TOP? Fuck @Crossen™ Off let's be honest.