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  1. Mrwhite

    buying all of your cyanide pill

    hello there, if you are selling cyanide pill just comment down here and say how many you are selling and how much for each one of them, if I responded to you in game or in this thread it means I accept your offer, I have enough money to buy all of your cyanide pills so yeah save them for...
  2. Mrwhite

    10 fact about islam(being muslim)

    hello, so im just bored and im a Muslim, so why not make a thread that I tell 10 fact about Muslims: 1. most of you guys probably know this , but in some of the Muslim countries hijab is vajeb it means you have to use hijab(search hijab if you don't know what it is) and if you don't, they will...
  3. Mrwhite

    worth 5000 combat point

  4. Mrwhite

    fucking legend

  5. Mrwhite

    civilians spawn point[MRP]

    Your in-game name?:Mrwhitee Your SteamID?:STEAM_0:0:149628915 Are you complaining because of someone or because of server content?: server content Name of players/staff/VIPs involved?: STEAM ID's involved (if possible): What is the details/summary of your complaint (provide as much detail...
  6. Mrwhite


  7. Mrwhite

    not good sofics, not good at all

    this is reminding me of something......
  8. Mrwhite

    my graviton

    im so sorry for not editing my post, i had a lot of things that i should've done earlier this week. In-game name:Mrwhite SteamID:STEAM_0:0:149628915 Time and date of lost item(s): it was before the rare wep wipe , dont know tbh Value of the lost item(s):its a gun How you lost your item(s): i...
  9. Mrwhite

    my life is a dodo

    hi, im Mrwhite,also known as hackerman,my life is a huge mess, so yeah im a dodo. also, im a terrorist
  10. Mrwhite

    Mrwhite's mod appeal

    Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name):Mrwhite For how long have you played on CG: 4 years now Age:15 In what country are you located?:Iran Time zone:GMT+3:30 In-game name and Previous Names:Mrwhite Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:149628915 Do you have a mic?:Yes Is this the first...
  11. Mrwhite

    i had a mod appeal pending

    hello, so around 3 days ago i made an mod appeal and they didnt give a final answer, and after the website update, my appeal got deleted, i should make another appeal know or?