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  1. uncleteapot

    Fafnir / Serberus Game Master Application

    +support Active in game and ts3 good event ideas friendly
  2. uncleteapot

    Valk's Second UHC Application

    +support - Mature - Active in-game and on TeamSpeak - Friendly - UHC in need of more members - King
  3. uncleteapot

    Jack G Staff Application

    +support -Active IG/TS3 -Mature -Friendly and a good man -Rule Knowledge is gucci
  4. uncleteapot

    Sins's Demotion Appeal

    +Support -Nice guy -Activity has improved -Rule knowledge has not deteriorated
  5. uncleteapot

    roach staff application

    +Support + Active IG/TS + Friendly + Mature + Good rule knowledge +i love him for being a chad
  6. uncleteapot

    vladameers GM app

    Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name):uncleteapot For how long have you played on CG MRP:11 months+ Age:16 In what country are you located?:UK Time zone:BST NATO name (regiment and rank): Vladameer INF Pvt USSR name (regiment and rank): Vladameer ABT LTCOL Civilian...
  7. uncleteapot

    Captain Rex GM APP

    + support - Active - Mature - Friendly and approachable - Good small event ideas
  8. uncleteapot

    Legion Kuo's GameMaster Application

    +Support +good man good GM app creation +Good map change idea +Good reg missions ideas +Active IG/TS
  9. uncleteapot

    Mate Blackwood Staff Resignation Appeal

    +SUPPORT + active IG and TS + mature + friendly and approachable + very good member had some fun interactions Mate blackwood good luck
  10. uncleteapot

    Brian Bell High command application

    +Support -Active IG/TS -Mature -Good leadership qualities -Strong figure head of AG & People in the line up for LTCOL
  11. uncleteapot

    Jonka's Gamemaster Application (Wholesome poggers 100)

    +support + super Very good ideas + you seem experienced for game master + Active
  12. uncleteapot

    Legion Kuo's moderator application.

    +Support +Active +knows the rules +Active in TS3 +Kind +Helpful
  13. uncleteapot

    Duckie NHC application

    +Support +Active +Very nice guy +Good leader +Mature +Is a duck
  14. uncleteapot

    Nicholas Lances UHC Application

    -Support -inactive -large amount of warnings -ABT is in shambles needs help -Goodluck hope to see what happens
  15. uncleteapot

    Dimitri Rascalov's UHC Application

    -/+ minus/Neutral -have seen active much -/+ kind and mature -Abt needs active co's atm and it needs you and other CO'S -but if this does get accepted then GL hope you do well but ABT needs its help right now
  16. uncleteapot

    Millar's NHC Application

    +Support +Active ig / TS3 +A superb CO in MP +Mature +kind millar you have done a good job as a CO in MP i think you would be a good NHC keep up the good work (y)
  17. uncleteapot

    Mate's UHC Application

    + support Exellent leading wars active watches anime would be good UHC
  18. uncleteapot

    Stryker Graham's Game Master Application

    +Support +Fun event idea +Mature stryker would like to see if this does get accepted where it goes next good luck
  19. uncleteapot

    Vladameers second HC app

    thank you for tell me your feedback clap i will try to make due of this
  20. uncleteapot

    Vladameers second HC app

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:577763895 Discord name:uncle-teapot#8149 For how long have you played on MRP:6-7 months now Age:16 In what country are you located?:UK Time zone: GMT NATO name (regiment and rank): NA TRA USSR name (regiment and rank): KGB MAJ Civilian name: Rebel Manny Do you have a mic?:Yes...