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  1. 'a' CommanderSmith

    [MilitaryRP] SAS MAJ Erwin Smith Reg Command Term Application

    Thank you for your reply and I will certainly do my best to control my temper.
  2. 'a' CommanderSmith

    [MilitaryRP] SAS MAJ Erwin Smith Reg Command Term Application

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90588491 Discord name:CommanderSmith™#0072 Age:23 For how long have you played on MRP: since the start so about 1/12 years In what country are you located?: UK Time zone: BST NATO name (regiment and rank): Erwin Smith USSR name (regiment and rank): Erwin Ackerman Civilian...
  3. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Colonel Fielding's NHC Application

    +++ Support + Amazing COL in SAS + Active + Mature + Great leader
  4. 'a' CommanderSmith

    [MilitaryRP] SAS LTCOL Harry Pot's Reg Command Term Application

    + Support + Great leadership skills + Very friendly to talk to + has great ideas to improve the regiment + has Lots of military knowledge which he implements some of it into the regiment
  5. 'a' CommanderSmith

    [MilitaryRP] SAS Colonel Fielding's Reg Command Term Application

    +Support - Activity [10/10] - Maturity [10/10] - Peacetime Roleplay Contribution [10/10] - Regiment Atmosphere [10/10] - Length of Service [10/10] - Event Participation [10/10] - Punctuality and organisation [10/10] - Fairness [10/10] - Rule Knowledge [10/10] - Relationship with other Regiments...
  6. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Dukem's NHC App

    BIG +Support from me This guy is an absalute lad, like he's very easy to talk to and have a chill will but also when the need comes he can also make very good call outs in battle and can and has saved lifes with his quick thinking. +Active in TS and in game +Really nice guy in general Best of...
  7. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Bread's Moderator Application

    +support. Active in game and on TS. Mature -/+ only issue is your mass of warnings but other then that I do think you have a shot at being staff.
  8. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Johno's Moderator Application.

    + Support. Never had an issue with. Senn in game and in TS. Rule knowledge most likly good due to only having one warning.
  9. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Vasily's second Mod application

    I'm going to go with a +support -great rule knowledge -Nice guy. -would make a good addition to the staff team.
  10. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Connor's Staff Application (2nd)

    I'm going to go with a +Support for the following reasons. I've never had an issue with you. You have shown me that you are capable of being staff although you have had some bad decisions in your time with us, I belive that if you were get staff it would give you a chance to show us that you are...
  11. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Sins's Demotion Appeal

    -Support for the moment. +Active in game and in Teamspeak. + has always been nice around me apart from in OOC - Recent warnings stack against you for toxicity, not a great rollmodle for staff. I'm willing to change my verdict but for now I'm going to keep it as it is. Best of Luck
  12. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Jeff Carson's Mod Application

    +Support +Mature +Active in game +Friendly Best wishes CommanderSmith
  13. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Mashallah’s mod application

    +Support -Active. -Seen in TS and IG. -Rule knowledge is decent. -Friendly guy in a whole.
  14. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Joseph Rukovich's Staff Application

    Neutral Not had interactions with Unsure of rule knowledge and maturity You do have a lot of warnings but they are only a reminder of what not to do on the server not really a big concern. Pm on TS or on Discord ErwinSmith™#0072 Good Luck.
  15. 'a' CommanderSmith

    John Rambo's Game Master Application

    Big +support Great application Great guy in general Very mature for his age Quite active
  16. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Jev's moderator application

    =neutral(leaning to +support) - Unsure of rule knowledge - See on TS and IG PM on Discord ErwinSmith™#0072
  17. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Mate Blackwood Demotion Appeal

    Hello @Mate Blackwood I’m going to give you a neutral leaning to +support for these reasons. You’re a great guy and a good laugh. You have only came back probably after some time away from the community. Active on TeamSpeak and in game. I’ve got no doubt you know the rules as you’ve been staff...
  18. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Augustin's 3rd Moderator Application

    +support Very active Very friendly - unsure if rule knowledge is up date.
  19. 'a' CommanderSmith

    John Rambo's Moderator Application

    Big + Support Active IG/TS Been on the server for a long time good luck mate
  20. 'a' CommanderSmith

    Erwin Smith's Demotion Appeal

    Thank you @Fortze @Rainbow Dash @Kyzent. @Millar @search @Michiel-MV @sahns @Pasi Huovila @DOR (Won't let me tag) @Valk @Mate Blackwood For all of you're support :D