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  1. Viking

    My Unban Appeal

    Hey Silekonai I banned you because you did in fact commit AMRDM however I do not think you are trying to debate this as on logs the amount of friendly's you had damaged was ridiculous bordering on around 8 or 9 I dont remember the exact number this action is a blatant rule break however it is...
  2. Viking

    Jontesvall's resignation Appeal

    +support +active IG and TS +Was a good Gm +Mature +from my experience with them they where nice. GL Jontesvall (y)
  3. Viking

    goodbye post

    get rejected
  4. Viking

    goodbye post

    Thankyou for putting me ahead of Mr AG Sniper Virgin :Salute: I'll take 14th Sir - viking - fitz I'll see you around tony I salute you sir 😥
  5. Viking

    Joseph Rukovich's Staff Application

    +Support -active in TS and IG -has good rule knowledge -been on the server for ages -mature GL joseph (y)
  6. Viking

    Bubba's SCP-RP Moderator Application

    + HUGE plus support +Active IG And TS +Good rule knowledge +Friendly approachable and mature Bubba Would make a amazing Addition to the SCP-RP team. GL Bubba(y) .
  7. Viking

    Titan's SCRP Application

    +Support +Active IG and TS . +Friendly (From my limited experience with them) . +Prior staff Experience . -/+ Haven't had much interaction with you . GL Titan (y).
  8. Viking

    Risky's SCP-RP Mod App

    +Support +Active IG and TS. +Mature +Experienced staff. +Friendly +Extensive rule knowledge. Would make very good staff for SCP-RP . Best of luck (y).
  9. Viking

    Viking's resignation appeal.

    Name: Viking Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:562278567 Previous Rank (convert if required) : Senior Moderator Who demoted you?: Bogdan Date of demotion? : Don't really know some time in April. What is the case against you?: I resigned because I didn't have enough time to play MRP anymore let alone be...
  10. Viking

    Jack Harvey's Moderator Application

    -Neutral -active IG -active TS Have had no interactions with you GL jack (y)
  11. Viking

    [MRP] Moderator application by Fitz

    +support +Active IG +Active TS +Good rule Knowledge +Mature GL Fitz (y)
  12. Viking

    Josh's moderator application.

    +support -Active TS -Active IG Had a chat with you and confirmed you have good rule knowledge you also seem to be mature from what i have seen . GL (y)
  13. Viking

    Duckie MRP Moderator Application

    +support +active IG +active TS Had a chat with you and confirmed that you have decent rule knowledge. GL (y)
  14. Viking

    ZlatozarBG(Joseph Richards/Vladimir Vasilev)'s Moderator Application

    Neutral I have virtually No interactions with you i cant give you a +support for that reason Sorry GL though
  15. Viking

    Beskar's Application

    Neutral Have really interacted with you outside of sits GL (y)
  16. Viking

    CL4P-TP MOD App

    +support active TS active IG I went over the rules with him and I believe he now has a good rule knowledge and knows how to react in situations where he has to use said rule knowledge. GL CL4P TP
  17. Viking

    Christian MacTavish's staff application

    Neutral haven't had enough interactions with you GL though (y)
  18. Viking

    Rick Mcking Mod App

    neutral haven't had enough interactions with you GL
  19. Viking

    Moderator Application

    +positive -active IG -active TS -seems to have a good understanding of the rules GL fitz
  20. Viking

    Copper Mod App

    +positive -active IG -active TS -have never had to deal with you as staff -seemed To RP pretty well earlier GL mate