Ares CCSF Application

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Aug 11, 2021
1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:608038904

2. In game name: [SL] Ares

3. Do you have any bans? None

4. Do you have a mic? Yes

5. Is this your first application? If not please link ALL previous CCSF applications.
6. Have you unlocked CCSF Recruit (required)? If yes, how many hours have you played as it? Currently must have at least 20 hours on the job.

7. How would you deal with a suspect that was failing to cooperate with officers? If the suspect is not armed he will be tazed and handcuffed, if he still continues to not follow orders he will then be arrested. If the suspect is armed i would start a countdown for him to comply before lethal force would be used.

8. What would you do if you saw an officer die? If it was safe for me to intervene and kill the suspect immediately i would do so, if not i would use my radio and call for additional units to ensure no more lives are lost.

9. During raids you will be required to act in a tactical and effective manner. If required how would you lead a raid? I would lead by example, if i wanted units to play aggressively I would communicate this to them and then lead the push myself. If i wanted the team to set up a perimeter I would explain where I would like units to be placed and would ask them to confirm when they are in position.

10. If a suspect runs away from you as you're talking to him what would you do? (Keep in mind that failing to stop after being signaled by the police is a crime). I would keep asking him to stop and if they continued running i would tase and hand cuff them.

Do you meet the following criteria?
- Ability to stay calm
- Polite yet forceful
- Effective coordination
- Excellent marksmanship
-Great role-play ability

Yes to all above.

Rate out of 10 your skills on these

- Ability to stay calm: 7/10
- Polite yet forceful: 8/10
- Effective coordination: 8/10
- Excellent Marksmanship: 8/10
- Role-Play Ability: 7/10
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Jun 6, 2021

+Very active CCSF recently
+Great combat
+Really fun RP
+Flies the blackhawk somehow
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Dec 20, 2020
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