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Blacklist Amnesty (ERR_CONNECTION_1)

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Dec 19, 2020
Blacklist Amnesty


Blacklist amnesties are a method for players to have their blacklist lifted. You are not eligible to make an amnesty request if you were blacklisted for;
a) causing serious damage to CG, e.g. serious exploits,​
b) compromising personal information,​
c) chargebacking.​

Do not use this format to appeal temporary or permanent bans. If you are blacklisted it will say so when you try to join the server.

To make an amnesty request you must admit what you did and explain how you will make sure that you don't repeat your mistakes. Blacklist amnesties are judged solely by the superadmin team. Opinions of other staff or players are not welcome. You are not guaranteed to be unblacklisted, and if you are unblacklisted, there may be conditions placed on you which will result in a re-blacklist or ban if violated.

Amnesty rules

1. Follow the format. You must provide all information.
2. Don't bump your blacklist amnesty unless you are responding to a question / disputing a superadmin comment.
3. Don't advertise your amnesty (contacting staff about it).
4. Don't lie in your amnesty.
5. Wait at least one month before re-appealing if you are denied.
6. Only superadmins are permitted to comment on blacklist amnesties.
7. Make sure you're actually blacklisted, not just failing to connect. The server will tell you if you are.

Breaking these rules will result in either a denial or delays in processing your amnesty.

Making an appeal

1. Copy-paste the below format into a new thread.
2. Updates to your amnesty text should be done via editing your original post, not a new post.
3. If a superadmin 'tags' the superadmin who blacklisted you, don't post asking 'why' or a similar question. It is so they receive a notification about the appeal.
4. Don't tag staff yourself.


[b]Your in-game name:
Your SteamID:
Your steam community link:
Date of blacklist:
To the best of your knowledge, why were you blacklisted?:
Please list any times you have used methods to change or hide your IP:
Please list any alt accounts:
Who blacklisted you? (if known):
Link a copy of the in-game rules here (the url):
What will you do to stop this from happening again:
Prior to this, have you ever been warned/kicked/banned/blacklisted?
Why should you be unblacklisted:
How can you ensure that you won't break any other rule?:
Why do you want to rejoin this server?:[/b]
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