Bright's Demotion appeal

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MRP War Criminal
Oct 23, 2021
Name: JAF 2LT Bright

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63735806

Previous Rank (convert if required): Moderator

Who demoted you?: Bogdan

Date of demotion?: 12-12-2021

What is the case against you?: Lying to staff and abuse of a command.

Is this true?: Yes it is true…

Prior to this demotion, have you ever been demoted?: No not even in regimental rankings.

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned?: No never

What is your side of the story?: After some time of staff I took wrong use of a command named vwar_admin that I had binded from my trainings. This command gives me unfair advantage while playing the game and most important of all during war. I do admit to toggling it in wars now and then to see in CAS where the enemies were so I could give myself a unfair advantage… I have never ever cheated on another game in my life so for my first time it was addicting but after some time I did feel bad and started to feel stupid. Now the main reason why I got removed from the staff team is that when I got confronted with these accusations I lied to Bogdan and Falcon about me abusing it. Simply because I was scared of losing my staff rank which I should’ve thought about it before I started using my powers to an unfair advantage. After the confrontation and the removal of the team I was furious at myself and realized how stupid I was.

Why should you return / what will you change?: I wish to return because I feel of myself that I was a very decent moderator as in taking the sits dealing with situations even though I wasn’t staff for that long of a period I always loved doing it and miss it a lot. I can say that immediately after the removal I felt very guilty and ashamed and try to proof myself to all kinds of people and ranks with my good behavior and my CO rank in JAF which also brings a responsibility. I feel that I have changed on the side of having powers and not abusing them. I should have taken good care of the trust that the staff team laid in my hands. And the care they took over me as a beginning staff member. And I do wish also to be retested about my knowledge of everything by any staff member to again prove myself to them that I am still worthy of this position. If anyone would like to speak to me or test my feel free to contact me trough discord or trough teamspeak when I am on it.


Server Manager
Server Manager
MilitaryRP Staff
Dec 21, 2020
Appeal Denied

Hi Bright, Thanks for taking the time to make a demotion appeal.

Based on the circumstances surrounding your demotion and the fact it occurred only just over 2 weeks ago we feel it is not reasonable to accept you back into the staff team at this current time. We may reconsider our position on this decision should another demotion appeal be made.

You may re-appeal in 2 weeks.

Regards, Falcon​
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