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[CC] Advanced Chemist Tutorial

Adam Haze

Jan 1, 2021
Hello, Following the last tutorial made on the old forums I've decided to make a new, more detailed one here on how to manufacture methamphetamine using the advanced chemist. A car is highly recommended I personally would chose the quad for this line of work, this is a fairly simple tutorial, Let me know if I missed anything.

[1] First things first, become an advanced chemist you can find this in your F4 menu under the section "Underground" once you have become the job you will need a find a base location, keep in mind the height of the base must be tall enough to hold the meth combiner. The size of the combiner is roughly the same as a 025x4x025 plastic block. For those who are normal and don't know what that looks like → { https://prnt.sc/103ydcu }

[2] The required amount of starting cash is roughly £23,250 for just the components needed however the price for ingredients would drive the price up to £55,250 roughly as the amount of Methylamine and Aluminum vary per batch. You will need the combiner { £20,000 } Gas filter { £1,000 } Freezer { £2,000 } Transport crate { £250 } Once you have the combiner fill it with the necessary ingredients listed on the front of the combiner. { Use your gravity gun for moving the ingredients }

[3] Now place the gas filter on top of the combiner to prevent the poisonous gasses from escaping and it should enter the processing phase and will eventually create meth sludge. Once processing it should look something like this → { https://prnt.sc/103zi95 } After it creates its meth sludge and is fully done it should look like this → { https://prnt.sc/103zmzw } Start collecting with the freezer trays acquired by pressing your use key on the freezer and they should drop in front of you.

[4] You can fill the trays by gravity gunning them onto the collector to the right of the combiner, it should almost snap on once touched with it while collecting the meth sludge it should look like this → { https://prnt.sc/103zq40 } after collecting the trays just gravity gun into them the freezer and they will start to freeze. It should look something like this → { https://prnt.sc/103zr16 } after freezing them take them out of the freezer and start spamming your use key on everyone until it breaks and drops a meth baggie then gravity gun them into the transport crate mentioned earlier.

[5] Now you're ready to sell the meth, pick it up by pressing your use key on it there are a few spots you can take it The one I recommend is the opposite of the bank behind the building, the NPC should look something like this → { https://prnt.sc/1040cdu } after pressing your use key on him with the meth equipped he should give you a drop-off point it should look something like this { https://prnt.sc/1040umv } make your way over there and press your use key on it and you should receive the cash now rinse and repeat.

TS Kenny

Management Team
Dec 20, 2020
Chicaco town
Nice tutorial, maybe add some of the small gameplay features that can cause you to loose money like keeping the filter off when the combiner is releasing gas and having trays ready for when the sludge is being released.
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