CC4.0 - 14th February 8 PM GMT

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CC4.0 Release
14th February 8PM GMT - Full economy and levels wipe

Hello Civilgamers,

We would like to announce the release date and concrete feature list for CC4.0, the latest iteration of the city RP server on our network, and an update the scale of which happens only once every few years.

Thank you to all those who showed up for the community meeting in our discord last night, we managed to secure another very good turnout, peaking at around 50 participants. For those who weren't able to be there, we discussed details of our CC4.0 update and how we intend to approach things going forward, as well as giving a release date. Below aims to be a fairly comprehensive feature list of what to expect in the update:

CC4.0 Feature List
  • Complete economy and levels wipe.
  • Rebalancing the economy to make money more valuable, as well as give more focus on varied playstyles all being viable for money-making.
  • Removing vcminers and simplifying basing, putting money printers in the f4 menu, to make the experience easier for new players and the basing experience less passive.
  • Moving our map to Riverden, along with a host of improvements made to the map, to fit the playstyle and feel of our server better.
  • A complete revamp of the police force, incorporating regimental systems from Vwar, professionally run and managed, with player rank progression in rp, as well as more casual and VIP police jobs.
  • An updated prison system, giving prisoners more things to do, more communal areas and rp within prisons, as well as police having to bring prisoners to the prison in order to arrest them, and variable sentence times.
  • An introduction of many new guns into the server, made for other servers in the network, and all new guns exclusive to CC, such as the return of the VKS and SW40, as well as all-new rare weapons.
  • A rebalanced gun meta, whereby lighter guns are faster to pull out, and more powerful guns such as snipers being significantly harder to obtain, and harder to use.
  • The removal of gunsmith, and rebalancing of Heconomy and gun dealers, whereby more powerful guns will require proportional effort to obtain, not money.
  • Revamping rare weapons, removing buyback and making them marginally relatively cheaper, to prevent a massive divide between old and new players, with the aim to keep rare weapons rare, more unique ways to obtain rare weapons.
  • Adding back the factorian addon, fleshing this out and providing another gameplay loop for players, with unique rewards only obtainable through factorian.
  • Removing a huge amount of bloat content from the server to make joining the server easier and faster, as well as increasing performance when playing.
  • Extensive quality of life changes, such as improving gas grenades, reverting to the old master thief models and name, making stamina only affect jumping to any noticeable extent, allowing people to physgun weed entities.

We hope you will all enjoy this update, it has been and will be the product of extensive work by the entire development team, and we hope to inject new life into our server as a result of this. Make sure to keep an eye on this discord for announcements about pre and post wipe events, as well as any development showcase which will be streamed in our voice channels.

In the meantime, you can get a head-start after the wipe by logging onto the server now and completing our post-wipe achievements, which will allow you a head-start in certain levels, as well as access to exclusive guns only obtainable by completing these post-wipe achievements now.

If you aren't already a member of our discord, make sure to join for development and event updates at

See you in-game,
CC Server Leadership Team
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