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Jul 1, 2021
1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:196264414

2. In-game name:♰COSB♰ Tobywill1234

3. Do you have any bans? no, I dont

4. Do you have a mic? yes

5. Is this your first application? If not please link ALL previous CCSF applications. yes first

6. Have you unlocked CCSF Recruit (required)? If yes, how many hours have you played as it? 28h

7. How would you deal with a suspect that was failing to cooperate with officers? if they were running away I would stun gun them if they ran an officer over I would shoot out ther tyers

8. What would you do if you saw an officer die? if they were killed I wood figure out what wood happen beroe shooting I wood stun them instead

9. During raids you will be required to act in a tactical and effective manner. If required how would you lead a raid? I wood get ccsf to raid as well as me and the officer wood stay outside I wood die before them

10. If a suspect runs away from you as you're talking to him what would you do? (Keep in mind that failing to stop after being signalled by the police is a crime). stun them put in handcuff try to figure what happened

Do you meet the following criteria?
- Ability to stay calm
- Polite yet forceful
- Effective coordination
- Excellent marksmanship
-Great role-play ability

Rate out of 10 your skills on these

- Ability to stay calm:9
- Polite yet forceful:9
- Effective coordination:6
- Excellent Marksmanship:7
- Role-Play Ability
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