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Daanvy's Developer Application

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Feb 20, 2021
In-game name: Daanvy
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80177800
Age: 16
For how long have you played on our servers?: 260 Hours.
What country are you from?: The Netherlands
Time Zone: CET
Do you have a mic?: Yes

Is this your first application for Developer? If not, link previous ones: It is.

Have you received any bans?: I believe i've received 1 ban for RDM'ing my friend

How confident are you with GLua? (Rate yourself 1-10 using rating guide): About a 3-4 (Have experience with C#, Lua and Python)

Do you have any experience with Git?: Yes, not a lot, but yes

Do you have previous experience as a Developer for GMod?: I made a simple tool to TP players to me with a chat command.

How many hours can you commit to developing per week?: 8-12 Hours

Why do you want to be a Developer? What can you help us with?: I want to be a Developer for Civilgamers to help add more content to the server and fix pesky bugs to make sure the players get the best experience. I can help with coding addons and making models for the addons aswel (Decent experience with blender) I'm good at optimizing code that I write.
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Dec 19, 2020

Unfortunately, we're looking for developers with a bit more experience at the moment. If you're able and are willing to learn how to make addons and use Git source control fluently then we'd be happy to re-review your application in a few months once you've learned a bit more about GLua Modding.
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