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DarkRP Rules

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Civil Gamers Rules
Discord: https://discord.gg/ERHYg5X or https://discord.gg/civilgamers
Use the Teamspeak server and talk with the community.

Any punishment issued by staff regarding a rule that hasn't been clearly stated within these rules is still valid
If you have an issue regarding the warning issued feel free to make a post in the complaint section within our forums.
Section 1: Essential Rules

  • 1.1 - Don’t RDM - you must have a valid roleplay reason to kill someone. e.g. your life is threatened, they stole from you, etc.
  • 1.2 - Don't Break NLR - wait 3 minutes before returning to your place of death or interacting with the people involved in your death. You also cannot remember anything from a previous life.
  • 1.3 - Don't break FearRP - if someone has a weapon in their hand, and you have no weapon in your hand, you must comply with them. e.g. you are unarmed and a police officer has you against the wall - you can't pull a gun out. CC, our CityRP server, does not have this rule.
  • 1.4 - Don't RDA [POLICE] - as a member of the police force, you can only arrest someone who broke one of the Mayor's laws.
  • 1.5 - Don't FDA (fading door abuse) - don't use your keybinds to open fading doors in RP.
  • 1.6 - Don't spam - don't spam ropes or props. They should have a reason to exist & not be random. Max 5 ropes for a KOS sign!
  • 1.7 - Don't job abuse - don't change job to gain an unfair advantage, and don't change jobs in a RP situation. e.g. changing to cop to unarrest a friend, or changing job inside the bank vault.
  • 1.8 - Don't FailRP - read your job description and RP properly. e.g. do not break the law or disobey orders as a cop, or help the police as a thief (who is supposed to be a criminal).
  • 1.9 - Don't propsurf/climb - don't build ladders/ramps made out of props to get up high, and don't physgun props players are standing on
  • 1.10 - Don't counter - you cannot counter an event - e.g. you cannot 'Counter Raid'.
  • 1.11 - Don't metagame - don't use information from outside of RP, e.g. the killfeed or someone's job title, in roleplay.
  • 1.12 - Obvious extras - Don't hack, script, or abuse glitches. Don't be rude to others. Don't abuse props to push/block/trap/kill others. Don't build in spawn or jail.
Section 2: Combat Rules

  • 2.1 - Mugging/Kidnapping - Do not mug/kidnap in public. Max mug is the mug limit displayed by /balance, You can mug/kidnap the same person every 15 minutes. The mug limit is 20% of a player's cash, capped at 50k. ("/advert Mug /balance or die")
  • 2.2 - PD Raiding Rules - You must advert "PD raid". You need an RP reason, and you need to be just outside the entrance, or in the PD (don't snipe from down the road). If there are less than 6 PD on, you can't raid the PD vault. There is a global cooldown of 15 minutes on PD raids.
  • 2.3 - Raiding Timer - Raids may last no longer than 15 minutes, after which you must wait 15 minutes before raiding the same base again, PD ignore this timer if a new RP reason is found to raid again.
  • 2.4 - Don't build mid-raid - PD Can build within the first 5 minutes of a raid.
  • 2.5 - Don't raid bases with building signs
  • 2.6 - You are not allowed to /holster your weapon during an RP situation.
  • 2.7 - You are not allowed to abuse hit-boxes whilst in a combat situation. This includes, but is not limited to, spamming crouch jump whilst in combat.
  • 2.8 - Destroying your printers in RP - Destroying printers or illegal contraband while being raided is FailRP.
  • 2.9 - NLR Raids - If you have gang members present and still alive from a raid you may join them after your NLR Providing the 15 minute raid timer hasn't passed
  • 2.10 - You can't defend a base using hex shields or cong armour.
  • 2.11 - Mayor Assistation - If you'd like the mayor dead make sure you advert three times within a 10 minute period asking him to change the law you want to be removed if they refuse you then may use that as RP reason to place a hit on him
  • 2.12 - Hex countering - You can't walk into a hex shield to gain the ability to shoot into it through a prop, you may only enter a hex shield if there is no obstruction between you and the other person inside of that hex.
  • 2.13 - Ballistic Jammers - Only 1 ballistic jammer may be used per raid, by the raiders & the basers respectively.
Section 3: Building Rules

  • 3.1 - Base Entrances - All base entrances must be a maximum distance of 2 double fences from the entrance to exit, the keypads must be placed at eye level with the player, 3 fading doors are allowed to be placed throughout this ensuring there is enough room to fit 2 players between each door, The entrances have to be a minimum width of a storefront prop in length.
  • 3.2 - Building Signs - You can have a building sign, meaning people can't raid you, but you can't have any maxnet/printers/meth items or do anything illegal during this.
  • 3.3 - Building on the street - You must be a hobo or a shop owner to build in the street (garbage props only) unless given permission by a senior mod+ - this also applies if you wish to make checkpoints etc, always get senior mod+ permission before doing so.
  • 3.4 - Secondary Defences - You are not allowed to have defences past the first set of defences designed to guard the entrance.
  • 3.5 - No-colliding - Prop floors must be no-collided. For other props, you need a sign if they are no-collided. No-collided entrances aren't allowed.
  • 3.6 - Overhang - Bases can not have an overhanging section that allows the defenders to shoot past the first door at the incoming raiders, You are only allowed to shoot past the first door if both parties (Raider and Defender) have clear lines of sight on each other using World Glow.
  • 3.7 - KOS Lines - You may not place a kos line in the following areas: Old Spawn, Mainstreet or any given area that foot-traffic is constant.
  • 3.8 - Residentials -Don't build in the front of the small terraced houses. Don't build walls surrounding the large fence around the large houses, and don't build walls surrounding the small houses.
Banned Base Designs -

Tunnels ( Bases that are long hallways of death with fading doors)

Trap bases ( Bases where you can't exit out the way you came )

Crouch bases ( Bases where you have to crouch )

Mazes ( Bases with no more than 4, 90 degree direction changes is allowed )

Kill boxes ( These are boxes / Rooms that are used for the sole purpose of killing raiders. Often raiders can not fight back, e.g. defenses where you shoot raiders feet)

Colour-rooms/Blackout rooms (This means you can't have rooms where you don't know up and down, left or right. it is usually made with black, so you can't see anything)

Tiering Bases (These are multi-floor bases built by players that are designed to add a secondary form of entrance corridor or defence, world buildings do not abide by this rule)

Jump / Parkour bases (These are bases that require you to jump from platform to platform in order to get to your fading door or keypad.)

Section 4: Government Rules

  • 4.1 - Threats - If a player is openly carrying a firearm you may kill them otherwise you have to attempt to arrest
  • 4.1 - Weapon Checking - You may weapon check players providing you have a valid RP reason, this doesn't apply if the player is on police property
  • 4.3 - Owning Doors - If you are a government job you may not own any doors/buildings unless it fits a valid RP purpose.
  • 4.4 - Baiting - You are not allowed to trespass onto private property in order to invoke a gunfight.
  • 4.5 - Raiding - You need an RP reason to raid any property alongside with a valid warrant issued (Visual on printers/ hearing meth)
  • 4.6 - Police Lines - You may only arrest players if they cross a police line that states " Do Not Cross "
  • 4.7 - FBI - FBI may possess a house for the use of an investigation or a home base of operations however are only allowed AOS signs.
  • 4.8 - Lockdown - All players must be issued a warning prior to arresting them, give them time to reach a safe location before arresting them.
Section 5: Gang Rules

  • 5.1 - Thief Limits - Gangs may have the following: 1 Covert Thief,2 Thieves(master or normal), 1 marauder and one gun dealer(Who must have a public shop)
  • 5.2 - Gang Tags - Gangs must be indicated by name such as e.g. "[GangTag] Mystic".
  • 5.3 - Gang Bases - Gangs may own up to one building unless they have more than 8 active players on at which point they can then own 2 and can no longer base on Mainstreet.
  • 5.4 - Job Restrictions - Gangs may not have a doctor/prostitute/chef within their base.
  • 5.5 - Gang Wars - Gang Wars are allowed but are limited to certain RP events i'e Kidnaps, Bounties and Muggings. You can't RDM gangs on sight.
  • 5.6 - Buildings - Only 1 player can place props for the base, except for if other players want to place decorative props that do not serve a functional purpose.
  • 5.7 - Allies - Allies must have signs present on the outside of their base claiming their alliance otherwise you may not /ally assist.
Section 6: Buisness Rules

  • 6.1 - Bank Inflation - You cannot purposefully devalue a business that has other shareholders. The money in the treasury partially belongs to them, even if you are the CEO. You need a valid reason to take cash out. The only exception is if you inflated the price of a business by injecting cash, to prevent a hostile takeover, after which you are allowed to withdraw the same cash.
  • 6.2 - Bank Control - The management of a BANK must not abuse treasury funds provided by account holders. If a bank's treasury is less than 60% of the money stored in all their customer accounts, the bank is considered illegitimate, and SAs may take control of the bank.
  • 6.3 - Subsidiaries - If a company accepts payment from another company to become a subsidiary, then intentionally drains the company funds to either their wallet or a new business, the new business may be forcefully made a subsidiary of the original owner, or the payment must be refunded.
  • 6.4 - Printers spawned via the Business Asset Menu can only be placed within a Bank branch. A bank branch is defined as;
    • Operational/accessible within a building.
    • Have a counter with an actively employed person who is able to open bank accounts.
    • Accessible at all times (no locked doors or fading doors) between the entry point and the counter.
  • 6.5 - Business Structures - Businesses can place a NON INTRUSIVE, REASONABLY-SIZED marketing structure on the street to promote the business. If a staff member thinks your structure is not sensible, they may remove it


Section 7: Other Rules

  • 7.1 - Custom Jobs - Don't change your job name to something that changes the job's role. Citizens can have custom jobs.
  • 7.2 - Text Screens - Don't spam text screens or put offensive language on them.
  • 7.3 - Self Supply - Gun dealers may not work for the police. They may not self-supply, except for 1 or 2 guns for self-defence.
  • 7.4 - Kidnapping - Rules: 10-minute kidnapping limited, have to kidnap in private and when kidnapped you must abide by RP gags.
  • 7.5 - Chain Advertising - You may not advert chain adverts e.g. '/advert mug', not '/advert mug/kidnap/pd raid'.
  • 7.6 - No Collision Cover - You may not use no-collided props as cover i'e walking in and out of no-collided props in combat.
  • 7.7 - WireMod Props - Do not abuse the wire tool to spawn props that are blacklisted by the server.
  • 7.8 - Shooting Holes - Ensure that all shooting holes are the size of a keypad in length and width.1.
  • 7.9 - Real-World Trading - We do not condone the use of our in-game items to be traded for other steam items such as CS:GO Knives
  • 7.10 - Baiting - You may bait the police by clearly advertising the contents within your base if it would encourage a police raid.
  • 7.11 - Drugs - Weed is the only drug that has a default illegal status that can be over-ruled by the mayor via a law.
  • 7.12 - Potions - You may not use potions to defend your base.
  • 7.13 - Infection Prevention - If an infected player is attempting to infect you, they then can be shot and killed.
  • 7.14 - Hitman/Bounty Spam - You may not place another hit/bounty on an individual within a 15 minute period.
  • [NEW] 7.15 - Alt Accounts - Alternative accounts cannot be used to circumvent the cooldown timers. E.g. Raid, Mug, Kidnap. Accounts you own may not interact with each other. You may not trade items/entities between your accounts and they may not base/work together. Additionally, alt accounts may not sell / give away their entities.
Section 8: Community and Base Location Rules

  • 8.1 - Default Laws - No community can make it so that a default law is legalised (e.g: Making printers legal, RDM being legal etc)
  • 8.2 - Communities - All communities should: Follow the laws the mayor has provided and work with him, not against him
  • 8.3 - Raiding - Communities can't gather in large groups to raid individuals that includes raiding members within the community
  • 8.4 - Roles - Only job role "Security Guard" may be used as the town police
  • 8.5 - Community Lockdown - Community owners may issue a lockdown on the community if a server rule is broken within the community and it's used to prevent more within that period of time(This may only last while the issue is present)
  • 8.6 - Raiding Communities - You may not raid the entirety of a community however you may raid individual buildings within it.
Basing locations rule structure
Type of baseArea on mapAllowed Y/NDetails
Gang BaseIndustrialsYGangs may own a single building in the industrials.
Gang BaseShitvilleNA gang cannot block off the shitville district for a gang base
Gang BaseBack of shitvilleYA gang may block off the area through the tunnel behind shitville, the base boundary may go no further than the steel door inside of the compound.
Gang BaseParkYA gang base may extend from the building with the 2 trees outside of it, the boundries may go no further than the orange floor tiles
Gang BaseBit left of spawnNUnlike before, gang bases cannot be build in this area as it prevents access to the tunnel leading to the beach and jesus land
Gang BaseElevated SpawnYGangs may build bases extended from the new building added above spawn, the boundries of this base may go no further than the low brick wall and cannot extend into the blue lit fenced off tunnel
Gang BaseNew bit before u get to beachNThe area with 3 houses before the beach may not be used for gang bases, gangs can only use the houses provided in the area to construct bases and cannot wall off the area
Gang BaseResidentialsNGang cannot wall off any area of the residentials, houses inside the residentials are large enough for large gang bases but base boundries cannot extent further than the buildings
Gang BaseBeachNGang cannot wall off any area of the beach outside the buildings provided, the beach its self cannot be blocked off either
AnyTrain stations / tunnelNNo building can be done in these areas
Gang BaseOil RigYGang bases can be made on the Oil Rig however must only block off the buildings on site. Placing fences or walls outside around the perimeter not allowed, i.e. over the ladders climbing up
AKA. Only build INSIDE of the rig, not on the outside
Gang BaseShitville WarehouseYThe warehouse with the fence wall outside of it may be used for gangs to base in, the base boundries cannot extend further than the fences
Gang BaseTown CenterNGangs cannot wall off any area that is not part of a building in the town center, roofs to buildings accessable by stairs on the map may be used for gang bases, however the gang must own the building below
CommunitiesBeachYWith an admins permission ONLY a community boundry may be setup at the tunnel entrance(s) to this area, this may only be done with an admins permission and the community must grant access to the area to EVERYONE except hostile gangs / communities, failure to do so will result in its removal
CommunitiesIndustrialsYWith an admins permission ONLY a community boundry may be setup at the tunnel entrance(s) to this area, this may only be done with an admins permission and the community must grant access to the area to EVERYONE except hostile gangs / communities, failure to do so will result in its removal
CommunitiesResidentialsYWith an admins permission ONLY a community boundry may be setup at the tunnel entrance(s) to this area, this may only be done with an admins permission and the community must grant access to the area to EVERYONE except hostile gangs / communities, failure to do so will result in its removal
CommunitiesParkNCommunity boundries may not be setup around the park
CommunitiesSpawnNCommunity boundries may not be setup in or around the spawn
CommunitiesBit before beachNCommunity boundries may not be setup to block any part of this area
CommunitiesTown CenterNCommunity boundries may not be setup to block any part of this area
Communities and GangsResidential BaseYCommunity boundries may be setup to block any part of this area, gangs who own it must have at LEAST 10 members

Section 9: Oil-Rig Basing Rules

  • 10.1 - Required numbers - You do not require a specific amount of players to base at oil-rig, one person solo basing is fine.
  • 10.2 - Props - When building a base on the oil rig only two players may utilise their prop count to build the base.
  • 10.3 - Building - You may build anywhere within the boundaries of the rig but may not block the ladder.
  • 10.4 - KOS lines - You may not designate a part of the water as KOS only property that belongs to you
  • 10.5 - Dock - Underneath the oil-rig, you may dock your ships however be mindful of your fading door count.

Section 10: Job Restrictions
ClassDescriptionAllowed weaponsRaidKidnap/mugPrintersAllowed to base
Bank ManagerStores printers for others legally.HandgunsNoNoYes (except his own)Yes
Black Market DealerSells guns and drugs. He also can make people unwanted for a price.AnyNoNoYesYes
Bounty HunterYou deal with tracking down and eliminating bounties. What you do is highly illegal and is classed as 1st Degree murder.
You can only kill targets with bounties and can't take hits from people.
All bounties must be set through the bounty NPC. You may not base with others however you can own a roleplay home.
Casino ManagerOwns and manages the casino.HandgunsNoNoYesCasino
CGSF OfficersYou are the Special Forces of Civil Gamers. You are there to handle raids and situations normal SWAT and Police can't handle!
Take their orders direct from the CGSF Commander.
AnyWarrant OnlyNoNoNo
ChefYou're a cook! You cook for people! Go set up a restaurant and get attention from Gordon Ramsay.
You may not base with others however you can own a roleplay home.
ChemistMakes drugs (lets cook).HandgunsNoNoYesYes
Chief of PoliceTakes direct orders from Mayor
Commands the Police force.
AnyWarrant onlyNoNoNo
CitizenDefault server class with no special abilities.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
Club FighterCan fight another fighters in player made arenas.FistsNoNoYesYes
Covert ThiefA thief who has a variety of extra tools, such as a hackphone, disguise kit, and handcuffs.AnyYesYesYesYes
DoctorMakes clinics or hospitals to heal people for free or by charge. You may not base with others however you can own a roleplay home/clinic/hospital.HandgunsNoNoYesNo
DJCan spawn their own radio to play music.
Not allowed to play music unless they have a DJ stand.
FBIThe FBI Agent's job is to investigate crimes. He is allowed to knock on doors and investigate suspicious
houses and bases and may raid if there is a genuine concern about someone.
During an investigation evidence such as Printers and Meth may not be destroyed.
This is proof for the Chief and the CGPD. You may set up some hidden cameras in a base during your investigation.
Free runnerRuns around the map, climbing on to roof tops and does cool parkour stunts that you can show off to others.HandgunsYesNoNoNo
GangsterBasic member of a gang.AnyYesYesYesYes
Genetic ResearcherYou research viruses, ability boosts and cures.

The following are against the rules:
- Take DNA samples from people without asking
- Can Not do injections to people Without asking
- Break virus vials on people without asking (unless for self-defense)
Gun dealerSells guns to the public. Cannot base but is allowed a shop to sell guns.AnyNoNoYesNo
Heavy Gun dealerSells heavy guns to the public. Cannot base but is allowed shop to sell guns.AnyNoNoYesNo
HerbalistThe famed weed dealer Dr. Chronic. Sells weed for profit.AnyNoNoYesYes
HitmanCan accept hits on people. Cannot base but is allowed a roleplay home.AnyNoNoYesNo
HoboCan build non-advanced things on the streets. Cannot base but is allowed to setup a roleplay home.KnivesNoNoNoNo
Hobo lordLord of the hobos. Cannot base but is allowed to setup a roleplay home.KnivesNoNoNoNo
Hotel OwnerOwns and runs the hotel.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
HunterHunt or be hunted!
Can accept hits and bounties
Lizard ManHates the government (do NOT RDM though).AnyYesYesYesYes
Magic BartenderCan sell weed and energy drinks.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
Magic Tree manMakes potions and sells them.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
MarauderA criminal tank, must be hiredAny (Apart from snipers)YesIf hiredNoNo
Master ThiefSame as a thief but better and faster.AnyYesYesYesYes
MayorElected leader by the public. You can only own a roleplay home.HandgunsNoNoNoNo
Mayor's daughterPart of mayor's family. You can only own a roleplay home.HandgunsNoNoNoNo
Mayors wifePart of mayor's family. You can only own a roleplay home.HandgunsNoNoNoNo
Mayor's BodyguardMayor's Bodyguards objective is to protect the mayor at any cost. You can only reside in the home of the Mayor.AnyNoNoNoNo
MercenaryCan be hired into a gang
comes with set of weapons.
AnyIf hiredIf hiredYesIf hired
Mob BossOwns and controls a specific gang.AnyYesYesYesYes
News ReporterCan spawn a camera that can display live footage on rt_screens.
You may not base with others however you can own a roleplay home.
PetYou are a pony. You can fly around and live inside of people's homes (if they let you).Fists/hoofsNoNoNoNo
PimpAs a Pimp you go pimp out. Walk rich and successful knowing your brothel has got the whole server looking for it.HandgunsYesNoYesYes
Police officerUpholds the law, and arrests lawbreakers
Takes direct orders from Chief of Police.
AnyWarrant onlyNoNoNo
ProstituteCan heal but is not allowed to heal any government officials.
You may not base with others however you can own a roleplay home/brothel.
Security GuardCan be hired to protect a building.AnyNoNoYesIf hired
Sewer DwellerCan build non-advanced things in the sewers. Cannot base but is allowed to setup a home with fellow Sewer Dwellers. May KOS in sewers (don’t KOS your own kind), may NOT initiate combat on surface, may be KOS'ed by other players on surface, may roam freely in sewers (ignoring NLR zones), but still may not interfere with players from your past life until the NLR timer has expired. May break FearRP ONLY in sewers.Melee onlyNoYesNoNo
SharkCan do anything within the rules. Is like the gangster.AnyYesYesYesYes
SkullbreakerTop of the food chain in the criminal empire,
must be hired
Any (Apart from snipers)YesIf hiredNoNo
SWATTakes direct orders from the SWAT Team leaderAnyWarrant onlyNoNoNo
SWAT MedicTakes direct orders from the SWAT Team leader
Heals other SWATs, officers and occasionally innocents.
AnyWarrant onlyNoNoNo
SWAT SniperTakes direct orders from the SWAT Team leader
Has sniper advantage over the enemy.
AnyWarrant onlyNoNoNo
SWAT Team LeaderTakes direct orders from Chief of Police
Commands the entire SWAT Team.
AnyWarrant onlyNoNoNo
The FlashHis name is Barry Allen, the fastest man in the world! Can’t base/own doors, can’t own weapons, can’t build/mug/kidnap/raid, can’t be related to raids.FistsNoNoNoNo
ThiefCan break into houses.AnyYesYesYesYes
Top BadmanIs the toughest guy on the streets. Can mug,AnyYesYesYesYes
Private MilitaryCan be hired by an organisation to help defend them. Are not allowed to operate un-hired.AnyIf hiredYesNoYes
TrashmanYou clean the streets using a comically oversized vacuum cleanerAnyNoNoNoNo
Covert ThiefCan break into houses and use a disguise kit to make getting away easier.AnyYesYesYesYes
WeebNow you can be your favorite anime character as the Weeb. Climb around the World and do weeb shit.AnyNoNoYesNo

All rules may be edited and updated throughout the course of the running of the server, all updates will be posted below or will be shown like so
[NEW]9.3 - ............
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