derik ban appeal

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Mar 28, 2021
Your in-game name: derik ( i think i cant remember)
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:181125660
Your steam community link:
Date of ban: October 27, 2020
What is your exact ban reason (shows when you try to connect): reason is Aaron/Derik (which consists of ban evading using a alt account to circumvent bans)
Who banned you: Cope
Ban length?: Permaban
Link a copy of the in-game rules here (the url):
What will you do to stop this from happening again: play the server on my own and not use a alt account if i get banned ( i dont have any left anyways)
Prior to this, have you ever been warned/kicked/banned?: Yes i have been warned kicked and banned before
Why should you be unbanned: i think i could bring some interesting roleplay into civilcity considering it has changed so much over the years, this whole business of me getting banned off and on has been going on since 2019 and i want to just bury the hatchet here and now and sort this out. ive matured a good bit since then.
Any questions dont be afraid to ask around


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Dec 20, 2020
Appeal Accepted

Hi Derik,

Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal.

I've reviewed your appeal and having taken into account your remorse and the time which has now passed since the original ban I have decided to remove your ban. Please ensure you keep your behaviour to a high standard and do not repeat past mistakes.

Appeal Accepted
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