It was all a miss understanding

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Aug 21, 2021
Your in-game name: Sanny
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:614629093
Your steam community link:
Date of ban: 13 nov
What is your exact ban reason (shows when you try to connect): ban evading
Who banned you: temmp
Ban length?: 4 weeks
Link a copy of the in-game rules here (the url):
What will you do to stop this from happening again: It was a misunderstanding i never ban evaded
Prior to this, have you ever been warned/kicked/banned? I was warned and banned due to the miss under
Why should you be unbanned: It all started with me getting a 3 day bann for some rules i broke i was fine with that so when i was banned for those 3 days i was just gonna watch my friends stream cause he was playing cc. So i watch his stream for 2 days and the last day of my ban we see on his stream that someone was perma banned so i wanted to check the steam id and it was my old account that belonged to my brother so i asked my brother if he or his friends had been playing on it and he said no so i was wondering why they banned it so i asked temmp and he said that i bann evaded so i got confused cause i had been watching my friends stream all day and there was only 1 day left so i jumped to the conclusion that my brothers account had been hacked or something. I know its sus but i did not ban evade i would not lie about something like that. so thats why its all a missunderstanding.
How can you ensure that you won't break any other rule?: I will never brake this rule cause im not dumb
Why do you want to rejoin this server?:
I wanna rejoin the server cause i find cc as one of the most fun games ive playd in a while so thats why i wanna rejoin.


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Dec 25, 2020
Appeal Denied

Hi Mrleef1,

Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal.

I've decided to deny your ban appeal today, we've never heard or seen your brother playing on cc. If your brother played CC, we would have seen this before, and he would not have simply logged on to play as soon as you got banned, you have also left a lot of information out in this appeal. Your actions after the account was banned also do not corroborate your story. If you have any questions about this please feel free to reach out to me in either my discord which is SkankHunt42#8078 or TS3, thanks.

You may re-appeal in 2 weeks​
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