Mase Lattes IA Ambassador Application USA

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Jul 31, 2023
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:576492055
Discord name: maselatte
For how long have you played on CG SCP:
Age: 10
In what country are you located?: USA
Time zone: SDT
Character name(s): FOUNDATION Mase Latte CI Mase Latte
Civilian name: Mase Latte :)
What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): USA
Do you have a mic?:
List all whitelisted, MTF, or CI roles that you hold or have held:
IA Operative Holding
EA Operative Holding
Have you received any kicks/bans/warnings? and why?:
Why are you applying for Internal Affairs Ambassador?
- I want to make sure all departments (DEA IA GSD REASCHER MEDICAL ECT) follow the COC COE FLC and make sure that IA Is following the Dockmuents on the Internal Affiras Hub. Also, I want to make sure that everyone on site follows the correct Procedures and Protocols. I also want to make sure that all IA agents are following the Department of Internal Affairs Rules/guidelines. I also want to make sure that every IA personnel who needs a test gets a Test So They Can Officially Join The Department Of Internal Affairs.
What makes you suitable for Internal Affairs Ambassador?:
- I am suitable because I have prior experience with the DIA (Department Of Internal Affairs.)and I am a responsible, great leader, able to help other DIA Agents (Department Of Internal Affairs.) and able to assist around the site. I am also suitable for the DIA Ambassador because I can make sure everyone on site is following the COC COF And FLC. Also Because I am Able To Help Anyone Around The Site With Certain Task That They Don't Know How To Do.
How many documents have you written? What makes a document good?:
- No. This Will probably Affect me if I get accepted or not It's just my idea.
What are the responsibilities of the Internal Affairs Ambassador in RP?:
- The responsibilities of Internal Affairs Ambassadors Are To
Make Sure Everyone Is Following The COC COE And The FLC
Make Sure Everyone Is Following the Right protocols and Procedures
Host IA events examples of IA Training And Updates.
Help Everyone Around The Site
And Making Sure That IA Agents Are Doing What They Are Supposed To Do
I Believe That There Are Other Duitys But I Probably Either Forgot Or Don't Know What They Do.

Please give some lore about your Internal Affairs Ambassador character and what storylines they would be involved in:
Note The Person That Trained Me For IA wasn’t So I Put Dpt Director Ace "Rainer" Collins Instead Of An Ammbasdor. And DIA Parts I thought Tha I Should Use Since DEA Stands For Derpamnt Of External Affiars I thought I should use DIA For Derpmant Of Internal Affiars.
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Trial Game Master
May 5, 2023

No. As someone who has seen you roleplay and have been on IA, you need some time before applying.


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Jul 31, 2023
Another Section Has Been Added To The Lore Dock It Is Called "Experience Within The Foundation" Please Check It Out If You Want Updated Information For My Lore.


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Jul 19, 2022
Ontario, Canada

I would +Support you but you can't use Discord and it's pretty important for IA CL4.

If you can somehow get discord, I'll put it to
would be impossible as he would be violating discords Terms of Service


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Aug 5, 2023
would be impossible as he would be violating discords Terms of Service
Ya I get that.... but who cares about rules? Might just stick with -/+ support then cause I reaaally feel discords important
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