Military Roleplay - Monthly News - February 2022

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Hey all, we hope you have enjoyed playing on our server. This month we have focused on optimisation as well as creating completely new game mechanics for the server to enjoy.
Feel free to join our Discord and check out #change-logs where we will post changes (bar weapon stat changes) as they happen on the Military Roleplay.

🏆 Notable Staff Promotions 🏆
We have some big promotions this month...

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Chad Power

Head Moderator


Senior Moderator


📝 New Features 📝

  • Added phones
    • Ported phones from the SCP server onto the Military Roleplay server. This was added in order to enrich the roleplay experience between players and also provide a way to communicate cross map via voice communications.
  • Added hackable server
    • This was added to serve as a new mechanic for the player base to experience. Players could infiltrate the enemy base and hack the enemy teams hackable server which will give you a selected amount of benefits such as stealing war funds or initiating lockdowns.
  • Added portable hacking device
    • New device which is used to hack the hackable server. Spies, Alpha Group and Special Service Special Operations are currently the only jobs who have access to it.
  • Added VComputers and Printers
    • Ported VComputers and printers from SCP. The goal here similarly with the phones was to enrich the roleplay experience by players being able to make their own documents. The documents are then stored on a database, which depending on clearance level can be accessed by players. The printer was added to make it so players could print out documents on the computer or what is created on their clipboard for other users to see and use.
  • Added new AG and SAS Special Operation Jobs
    • With the addition of the hackable servers and portable hacking device. It was important that both the Special Air Service and Alpha Group had a role specifically for hacking the server in the other teams base.
  • Hacking
    • A fun and intuitive way to to hack the enemy teams server, scaling with difficulty.
  • Corkboard
    • This was added for players to be able to sticky documents to a corkboard, in which any player can go up to and read. This feature will primarily be used for announcements or general purpose information.
  • Clipboard
    • This comes as a SWEP in game and is needed in order to create documents which can then be printed or uploaded onto the computer.
  • VAchievements
    • Alongside all of the other servers in the Civil Gamers community, VAchievements was added so players if they so choose, can perform specific tasks and unlock achievements. This was primarily created for the achievement hunters out there.
  • Added doctor job for civilians
  • Different ISAF models
    • As requested by the Commissioned Officer team in ISAF, the models for their regiment were changed.
  • Lieutenant Colonel+ now spawn with a physgun, toolgun and can place props.
  • Non-Civilian teams salary is now based on rank rather than job. E.G. Ranges from 10 (TRN) - 400 (GRMS/MAR) depending on rank.
    • This was added so Officers experience the same amount of pay for playing jobs such as anti-tank or sharpshooter which would have typically paid less.
  • Dead Teammate's map icons now show up in dark red.
    • Gives better intel to whoever is leading on how many players are alive in an area.
  • You can now click on a respawn point's marker on the map in the respawn menu to select that as the location you want to respawn at.
  • Added Projectors, VHS Players, VHS Tapes and Presentations to VComputers
    • You are now able to display documents you have created on a projector for everyone to see in a presentation type format.

⚖️ Balance & QOL Changes ⚖️

  • Decreased the amount a soldier captures a territory by 20%
    • This was changed in order for the map to not completely swing from one team to the other during a single war.
  • Killing a friendly will lose 100 combat score (combat score does not go negative)
    • This was added to prevent players killing team members with no tangible repercussions for the perpetrator.
  • Missile Defense Platform explosive damage multiplier 2->0.5
  • Missile Defense Platform health 8,000->4,000
  • FOB Radio explosive damage multiplier 1->0.5
  • Concrete wall explosive damage multiplier 2->0.4
  • All other concrete structures explosive damage multiplier 1->0.4
  • Tank Trap structures explosive damage multiplier 1->0.5
  • All sandbag structures explosive damage multiplier 1->0.7
    • Explosive damage multiplier was reduced for most forward operating bases due to players being able to take out a substantial amount of structures with a few grenades and minimal effort.
  • Increased max deployed limit for MI17 & Blackhawk non-supplies 1 -> 3
    • Joint Air Force and Airborne Battalion are now able to conduct paradrops with multiple regiments at once.
  • Increased Maximum Missile Defense Platforms 1 -> 2
    • This was changed in order to prevent Forward Operating Bases which were built up during peacetime being immediately blown up at the start of war.
  • Removed reload on DSHK Machine Gun
  • Increased DSHK Machine Gun fire-rate to be on par with the GAU-19 Minigun
  • Heavy weapons license now required to use GAU-19 Minigun and DSHK Machine Gun
  • Increased Precision Airstrike Range 800 -> 1,000
  • Increased Precision Airstrike Damage 450 -> 900
    • Players believed that the airstrike was underpowered considering how much war funds was required to deploy it.
  • Increased pretty much all tank stocks across the board, from 1 to 2, and 2 to 3 respectively: Bradley and BMP stocks were not increased. Increased BTR and LAV HQ Vehicle stocks from 1 to 2. Decreased Leopard, T90, T14, Challenger and Blackfoot restock time to 3 hours from 4 hours. Reduced KA52, MI28, MI24, CAIC, Viper, Cobra, Apache, restock time to 2 1/2 hours from 3 hours. Increased Little bird restock time to 2 hours from 1 1/2 hours.
    • With the recent vehicle culling being implemented onto the server, it now means stockpiling is no longer viable. This was implemented to mitigate the losses that would have occurred by both 10th Steel Division and 17th Armoured Division no longer being able to stockpile.
  • A team is now notified, and a base lockdown activates automatically if their war funds are stolen after 60 seconds.
  • C4 Damage now scales based on how long it was ticking:
    • 1x for 15 seconds, 2x for 30 seconds, 4x for 60 seconds, 8x for 120 seconds
      • Adds a risk versus reward when using the C4 which leads to more interesting gameplay.
    • Increased C4 Base Damage from 1500 to 3000
    • C4 Can now be stuck to VWAR Structures & Simphys vehicles
    • C4 Can no longer be picked up with a Gravity Gun
      • With the scaling of how much damage the C4 can do, this was implemented so players could not hide somewhere and let the C4 tick over and then in the last 30 seconds gravity gun the C4 to an important location to do maximum damage.
    • C4 Cannot be dropped freely and must be stuck to a surface
  • Improved the manoeuvrability of the KA52 Slightly.
  • Swapped Little Bird WAC Rockets for Gredwitch Rockets, and increased to 32 from 24
    • Changed so the Little Bird would no longer pop off the top rotor of enemy helicopters.
  • Decreased KA52 Dumbfire missile count by 8 to 24.
  • Decreased KA52 Shipunov ammo from 1,000 to 600
  • Decreased KA52 Shipunov firerate from 1,000 to 800
  • Reduced Little bird maximum stock from 5 to 3
  • Improved SCUD handling
  • Reduced Gaz suspension height & reduced turn speed: should feel much less floaty.
  • You no longer lose combat score for killing friendlies during peacetime and pre-war.
    • Makes simulation trainings during peacetime and pre-war viable.
  • Added two additional columns/rows of precision to the map. (Now goes up to J-10)
    • Allows for more precise coordinate callouts.
  • Grid coordinates Letter/Number on the map are now in bold so they are easier to read.
    • On some maps, the text is difficult to read so this was changed to remedy that.
  • When a structure is removed a notification no longer appears on screen and instead is printed into all player's consoles.
    • This highly requested change has been implemented so players screens are no longer filled up with the removal of FOB structures when a staff member carries out said action.
  • All FOB structures should now be targetable with /removestructure
    • This applies to staff only.
  • Certain structures can no longer be built underwater:
    • FOB Radios
    • Barbed Wire
    • Tents
    • Ammo Stashes
    • Vehicle Repair Bay
    • Mortars, KWK's, MG's
    • SAM & MDF Sites and Radars
      • Since the release of Backwater, players have decided to put FOB structures completely submerged underwater in which some cases would not be possible in real life.
  • Failing a hack will result in the hacking device being put on a 60 second cooldown. (If you 'cancel' the hack after clicking the first square it it is considered failed)
    • Players who are in the process of hacking are substantially penalised for failing a hack thus giving the defending team a greater chance of catching the infiltrating players.
  • In order to steal war funds at least 15 enemy players must be online (previously: at least 30 players online overall)
  • Copy players SteamID on the regimental tabs by clicking the appropriate players button.
  • Name on presentations clearer and easier to read
  • Apply for staff popup no longer appears for Game Masters
  • Improved the Mi-17 handling (no more barrel rolls while trying to take off)
  • Both War Fund steal hacks put each other on cooldown
  • Stealing 5 Million puts the server on a 90 minute cooldown
  • Added NATO/USSR'Arrest Report' VComputers document format

🗺️ Map Changes 🗺️

  • New Major Features
    • Simulation room added to both teams from highlands
    • Revamped 10th's Garage from a shed to a building
    • Added a second gate to NATO base
    • Added doors to 17th's Garage
    • Redone the aesthetics of NATO base and partially redone the layout
    • Better lighting in high traffic areas (i.e bunks, debrief room etc)
    • Fixed training signs in both bases
    • Extended USSR's base slightly by USSR's helipad
    • New ground textures for USSR base
    • Bug fixes which were pointed out in the previous update
    • Many other slight changes which I will leave to you to find out

🛠️ Bugfixes & Optimizations 🛠️

  • Map optimisation
  • Fixed auto rifleman unlocking USSR vehicles
  • Fixed JAF Medic having First Aid Kit and requiring medical license
  • Made some optimizations to VWar
  • Possibly fixed tactical tablet closing randomly unable to be reliably reproduced so cannot be tested
  • Fixed a bug causing ambulances & bleeding to not work
  • Fixed being unable to see your own /warnings
  • Fixed a bug causing spies to have a green indicator while not being actively disguised
  • Fixed a bug allowing certain weapons to be /drop'ed
  • Fixed a bug causing the event loading screen to not auto reconnect players
  • Added weapon culling. Weapons are now culled from players when they go AFK to reduce lag (saves ~15-20 entities per AFK player).
  • Whitelisted weapons are not culled: Documents, Handcuffed SWEP, ID Card (Spy) and Disguise Kit
  • Added Vehicle Culling
    • By culling vehicles, thousands of entities have been removed from the server which significantly impacts lag reduction.
  • AFK Players are kicked from inactive vehicles.
  • Vehicles are removed and restocked after being inactive for 5 minutes if inside the friendly base
  • Vehicles don't get removed inside the enemy base
  • Vehicles are removed but are not restocked if they are inactive outside of the bases for 20 minutes
  • HIMARS & SCUD can still be stockpiled
  • All players on a team are notified in chat if a vehicle is automatically removed, and how many vehicles are removed.
  • Fixed a bug with VComputers acceptance process
  • Potentially fixed 'Team has failed to capture territory' notification spam.
  • The Hacking Tool is no longer culled from being AFK
  • The Hackable Server is no longer culled when no active players are nearby
  • Fixed a Server-side VComputers error
  • Reduced Litte bird minigun fire rate from 1,600 to 1,000
    • This will prevent the helicopter from freezing up while firing the miniguns, and should have no appreciable difference due to server tick rate.
  • Civilians no longer get the model soldier bonus
  • VComputers document approval now goes to the appropriate rank
  • You can now only see your own team's document formats
  • Added VComputers optimisations from SCP
  • Players movement is disabled when AFK or in character select menu to improve performance
  • Fixed a visual error in the in game configuration panel
  • FSB/RMP CPT+ Can now change base alert state
  • Fixed VHS players not connecting to a computer automatically
  • Potentially fixed the floating server door at 0,0,0
  • Fixed a visual error in the in game configuration panel

📚 Rules Changes 📚

  • 2.02 - Execution Authority - USSR may execute any prisoners that they have brought back to their own base with High Command authorisation. If no High Command are available, then an FSB member who holds the rank of Captain or higher may authorise the execution. NATO may only execute USSR in private in their own base with High Command authorization.
    • This was added to better roleplay within Federal Security Bureau when no USSR High Command are online.

❌ Removed Features ❌

  • Removed Goat job
    • Added no benefit to roleplay and was used to minge around.

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