[MilitaryRP] Clouds discord ban appeal

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Dec 24, 2020
Your Discord name & tag: vs413#0819

What server is this for, Network, CityRP, SCP or MRP?: MRP

Permanent Discord ID (see format thread for help): is this really needed? If so - 253957739607228427

Date of ban (if known): I forgot

Reason for ban (if known): Insulting Falcon (I believe he was a super or senior at the time)

Who banned you?: Falcon

Prior to this, have you ever been banned off Discord?: Yes

Why should we remove your ban from Discord? (50 words minimal):
I want to start playing again and on my previous ban appeals I was denied with explanation that I should play for two weeks which was literally impossible due to regiments asking for discord and as soon as I would tell regimental command that I am banned off discord I would get kicked out of the regiment, and since its tormenting to play as a recruit all the time I would quit every single time few days in. I was banned so long ago that I forgot (I could look for previous ban appeals but I cba), but I think it was around a year ago, maybe few months less. I already expressed my regret on previous appeals.


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Dec 21, 2020
Appeal Accepted

Hi @Clouds ,

Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal.

I have chosen to remove your ban as it has been quite a while since your ban. However, it will come with the expectation that you do not break any further rules and that you communicate politely with other members.​
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