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Dec 19, 2020

Developer Application Format

Information & Requirements

Developer is not a staff rank, and has authority equal to that of a regular user. Developers do not engage in staff matters, do not take sits, and cannot apply for staff while holding the rank of Developer.
Existing staff of the rank of Admin or above may be permitted to hold dual staff & developer ranks.

To apply for Developer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 15 years old
  • Have played for at least 2 weeks on CG or CC
  • Have a microphone/TS
  • Have previous experience with Lua
  • Be able to come up with novel ideas for plugins
  • Be able to spend roughly 4 hours a week on development
  • have experience with git
  • (preferable) have previous experience with GLua/making gmod addons

Please attach evidence in your application of addons that you have made in GMod. There is no ‘spam’ here - you can attach as much evidence as you like, preferably screenshots or videos. If you haven’t developed in GMod before but have Lua experience, feel free to apply but understand that it is unlikely we will accept you unless you have exceptional talents.

Being a Developer carries the following perks:
  • All Super VIP perks
  • Flashy Developer rank on Forums, TS & in-game
  • Access to more TS rooms, e.g. ‘Dev Lounge’
  • Special rewards in addons you helped create - e.g. helped make the business addon? You might get a free business

Being a Developer for us means that you will work on either tasks that have been given to you, or ideas of your own that have been approved. In both cases these involve approval of a Management-level developer - Ventz or Hydro.

Please note that being a Developer does not give you FTP access to the server, or any similar permissions to this. Unless you are a Senior Admin+, you will likely be restricted heavily in what CG code you have access to, and you can (essentially) expect to never receive FTP access - this is restricted to the most senior Management developers.

Work will not be constant. Please note that we will expect you to have the initiative to come up with ideas. We will also expect that you roughly commit 4 hours per week to development, but this is not tracked and breaks can be given as required. Note that if you fail to produce anything of value for 2 weeks or longer without a reason, you may have your Developer rank removed.

To apply, please use the format

In-game name:
Steam ID:
For how long have you played on our servers?:
What country are you from?:
Time Zone:
Do you have a mic?:

Is this your first application for Developer? If not, link previous ones:

Have you received any bans?:

How confident are you with GLua? (Rate yourself 1-10 using rating guide):

Do you have any experience with Git?:

Do you have previous experience as a Developer for GMod?:

How many hours can you commit to developing per week?:

Why do you want to be a Developer? What can you help us with?:

Rating Guide

0 - I have no experience with GLua at all (but experience with other programming/scripting languages)
1-2 - I have a grasp of simple GLua syntax, enough to implement basic scripts with loops
3-4 - I have a decent grasp of GLua syntax and GMod concepts such as Hooks, enough that I could fix minor bugs and implement minor features
5-6 - I have reasonably good ability in GLua, enough to create addons with a bit of complexity (for instance a simple 'banking' addon with ability to store balances permanently)
7 - I have good ability in GLua, enough that I could implement large amounts of an addon such as Maxnet from scratch
8 - I have very good ability in GLua, enough that I could implement a complex addon such as MNScript from scratch
9-10 - I have excellent ability, good enough that accepting my Dev app should be a no-brainer

No-one should apply at a 0, you should take the time to learn basic GLua syntax before applying. We prefer applicants to be at around the 5 mark, dropping to 4 if you have enough experience in other languages that we think you could catch up quickly to the level of skill required for our codebase, as that is around the point where our time spent onboarding you will be worth the investment. However these are not requirements and you are welcome to apply with less experience than that if you believe there are other reasons we should accept you.

Please note we do not take verdicts on Developer applications, they are solely judged in private by the Management developer team. (exceptions are made for certain ex-senior developers)

Players who are being considered for Developer will first be asked to come on TS for a chat about their past experiences. Once a Developer application is accepted they immediately receive their rank.

Kind regards,
Civil Gamers Staff
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