Qas SCP-RP GM Application

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Dec 7, 2021
Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name):
For how long have you played on CG SCP-RP:
3w [1w - 2d in-game playtime]

In what country are you located?:
Time zone:

Foundation Name (include your regiment and rank if applicable):
E-11 | DOI Ambassador Yahya Qasem
Chaos name (include your rank):
CI-Alpha Omar Manar
Civilian name:
Michael Intruder

Steam ID:
Do you have a mic?:

Is this the first application you made? If no, link all previous applications:
Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?:

3 Warns:
- Hitbox Abuse
Do you have any previous experience as a Gamemaster/Event Manager in a community?:

Former Warhammer40k RP Head GM.
Former Clone Wars/Imperial Senior GM.
Former HaloRP GM.
Former SCP-RP GM.
Do you have any previous experience with serious roleplay?:

Yes, I've spent years in multiple communities that purpose was considered 'SeriousRP', this was back in 2008 where GMOD was actually being taken seriously by it's players.
I've also spent time on other realistic games such as Arma3, Insurgency and Squad.
How many hours can you be on everyday?:

2 - 5h [weekdays]
6h+ [weekends]

Why do you want to become a Gamemaster on our server?:

I believe I should be picked for Gamemaster for my creativity and my ability to create interesting stories. Outside of SCP-RP (and inside) I really like to write, and create stories using just my imagination. I am good at it too, I feel like this will be able to help me become a good GM, as I would be able to create interesting stories that would hook players into playing within the Event. I feel like I would be able to do the same and create interesting and unique events. These events would also allow players to Roleplay in a way that they couldn’t normally, and it would encourage more SeriousRP for those who participate within said events. Overall, with my RP Experience and my Writing experience, I feel like I would be able to make a good GM, and give players interesting and Roleplay Heavy events.
What do you think you would be able to help us with on the server? Why are you special over the other applicants?:

As I've mentioned before I'll be keeping the players on server entertained and engaged with multiple story and heavy RP based events such as the following events bellow.

Please List 3 small event ideas (Which would involve at least one side of the server):


“What makes your life worth living?
Who’s making your decisions?
Strung up by puppet strings but no one else can see them.”

Series of Events:
The event will be led up by a series of smaller events, involving the Crown, in different ways, involving different members. The main event will involve recruiting the highest lifeform in the Prime Reality (aka the one SCP-RP is set in), and will either be successful or a failure depending on the actions of the players and the results on the previous, smaller events. The series of events for the main event will be listed below (of course, will be slightly different because of the earlier, smaller events)

“Uh, Romeo-3, the fucking sky is red”
“Romeo-2, did you say the sky was red?”
“I’ll contact the Site, standby for orders.”
For those who don't understand the Main Event, it’s simply “manual” of sorts to recruit a new member. The steps in the manual will be enacted in game during the event, and can be stopped by player actions (and changed via actions in previous events).

Please List an Map change event idea (Involving both sides and the entire server)
I unfortunately will not be typing this out as it will ruin the future fun of the event, however I will be sharing a teaser.

List an example mission for each of the following:
[This's for yet another Map Change event happening in the future.]
Under the Ethics Committee's orders, MTF O-1 has been assigned to Overwatch the civilian population of ██████ finding ████████████ Operatives between the civilian populace, Interrogating them for information about their bases and their leaders locations.

A-1: The O5 Council has tasked you and MTF Psi-13 "Witch Hunters" to find and eliminate all ████████████ Priests and Cultists performing rituals in various safehouses and outposts, this's a dangerous task for the best of the best. And your time is up to prove yourself.

Nu-7: Will be tasked to attack and destroy all ████████████ Outposts and BOO's located around the borders of the city, finding valuable information for MTF A-1 and Psi-13, MTF E-11 "Nine Tailed Fox" will be assisting in some parts of your operations, but all offensive tasks will be given to you.

E-11: Will be tasked with scouting the outskirts of the city and it's forests, finding the monstrosities created and summoned by the ███ Cultists, you will be assisting Nu-7 in some operations

CI: The anomalies present during the fight will be valuable, make sure you get everything you can. Due to the lack of resources in this timeline, make use of the GOI located, align yourselves with them if you have to, for the Engineer. [Personal DB before event]

Foundation Staff: Some jobs will get requested to assist the Foundation after certain objectives have been completed.
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Aug 18, 2021

-For me Personally well he is trusted
-Use to play with him on different servers-GM
-Knows a lot of lore and the events can prove that
-and GRU-P event ?

-Maybe get will more known in the community


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Jan 10, 2021
Active in-game and TS3
Event Idea seems good and effort is seen.
I do recommend sorting out your thought process before going off in ooc.
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Trial Game Master
Apr 3, 2021
-Amazing event ideas, with documentation too.
-Past experience.

-My advice would be to get more known into the community, although similar to what flames said, this could be due to timezones.

Good luck!​


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Dec 26, 2020

Active in-game and on Teamspeak. I've seen you RP very well with your position so I can vouch that you have a decent amount of roleplaying experience. Your app is very well made, organized, and gives enough details for the questions but not too much that it's overbearing.

Direct quote from you in OOC: "Yahya Qasem (OOC): Shut up you're black"

Good Luck...
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Dec 14, 2021
Due to a strong mingy side and the extreme side of you in OOC, please think about a situation first before yelling about something in a very slang heavy speech.

Thanks for reading,


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Feb 23, 2021
+no negative interactions
+love the event ideas they are well planned

= unsure about ooc usage as i am hearing negative stuff but never seen it
Gl qas -Dor


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Dec 21, 2020

Application Denied

Hi @Qas,

Thanks for taking the time to make a Game Master application.

Unfortunately your behaviour on the server is questionable at times, Your behaviour needs to improve before re-applying for this position.

You event ideas seem promising, please in this re-apply period improve your behaviour and continue to create ideas for this position as it may re-enforce your future outcome when applying again.

You may re-apply in 2 weeks​
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