Rust Rules

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Civil Networks Rust Rules

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All decisions made in game by staff are to be respected. If you feel that your punishment was unjust then speak to an Admin+ in game or make a forum complaint or a ban appeal. Arguing back will simply result in a mute, gag, warn or ban.
Server Rules

1.1 Teaming - You must not exceed the team limit for the server you are playing on. The team limit for each server is indicated in the name of the server (solos = 1, duos = 2, trios = 3, quads = 4, max 5 = 5).
  • The team limit defines the amount of players who may be in your team at one time. A team is defined as the players you raid, base or roam with.
  • You may remove people from your team and replace them with someone else, but if you do so, you may not re-add them to your team until the next wipe.
  • You may declare neutrality with other teams on the server, but you may not 'ally' with them. This means you can refuse to engage them in combat if you see them, but you may not base with them, raid with them or roam with them.
  • If you declare neutrality with another team you may not engage in combat with a team they are fighting. If two neutral teams fight together, it will be deemed a teaming violation even if it turns out to be 'unintentional', unless they immediately drop their neutrality and fight each other.
  • You may trade items with other teams but you may not use this to get around the teaming rule. If you give items out for free, the team must not have a close relation to you. Examples of close relations include being in the same Discord clan.
  • A Discord clan may have multiple teams on one server, but they must abide by the neutrality rules above, and they cannot be in the same in-game clan. They also should not base within 3 grid squares of each other, to avoid potential teaming incidents.
1.2 Safezones - You may not wall off safezones.

1.3 Text Chat Toxicity - You may not be toxic in text chat (no racism, homophobia, etc). Trash-talking is allowed as long as you don't use slurs or spam the chat.

1.4 Voice Chat Toxicity - Toxicity and trash-talking in voice chat is allowed, however, you may not be excessive with it. To be considered 'excessive', toxicity must be specifically targeted at a protected characteristic of the player known to the harrasser, such as their real-life gender, sexuality or race.

1.5 Chatspam - You may not spam the chat.

1.6 Bug/Script Abuse - Don’t hack, script, or abuse glitches. Don’t do anything that can be seen as giving you an unfair advantage over other players.

1.7 Impersonating Staff - Impersonating staff is not allowed. Simply mimicking or pretending to be a specific member of staff for the purpose of gaining a rank or purely out of spite will not be tolerated.

1.8 Offensive Clan Names - Clan names must not contain any toxicity (no racism, homophobia, etc).

1.9 Laggy Bases - Bases must not be excessively large (or use excessive circuitry) in a way that causes lag.

1.10 Game Banned Alts - You may not play if you have more than one Rust game banned alt, or a Rust game banned alt that was banned within the last 180 days.

1.11 Signs - In-game signs must not contain NSFW content (pornography, gore, etc).
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