[SCP-RP] Atilla discord ban appeal!

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Sep 2, 2022
Your Discord name & tag: Atilla#7100

What server is this for, Network, CityRP, SCP or MRP?: SCP RP

Permanent Discord ID (see format thread for help): 315903690659856385

Date of ban (if known): No clue.

Reason for ban (if known): No clue, probably toxicity?

Who banned you?: I have absolutely no clue, I went to sleep, woke up and saw I got banned. I asked Monarch and even he doesn't know.

Prior to this, have you ever been banned off Discord?: No.

Why should we remove your ban from Discord? (50 words minimal):
I joined the discord server since I was interested in joining the server in the future, I didn't yet since I was quite busy in real life (work, school, ...). I was just talking one day in general, since some of your players are remnants of werwolf gaming, one noticed me and started spewing some words trying to be funny or whatever. He's a well known troll back in that community, so I just told him to shut up and kys. Of course, I do understand now that was wrong to say and I shouldn't have said that to the person even if they were a troll. I've learned from my mistakes and I will say none of these words on the gmod server, nor the discord server.

Thank you for listening.


Civil Gamers Expert
Jan 14, 2021
Appeal Accepted
Hi Atilla,

Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal.

I've spoken to Ventz and he doesn't remember why you were banned, looking through the chat logs (it looks like most of the messages you posted were deleting), it looks like your ban reason of "Shitposting and toxicity and bringing toxicity from other communities here" was quite accurate.

I will give you another chance and lift your Discord ban, however please be on your best behaviour or the ban will be reinstated.​
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