SCP-RP - Monthly News - May 2022

Hi everyone! hope everyone's exams went good for those who had them. There's been a lot of changes this month, and next month perhaps even more, with the map update coming up we're all super excited!. As always: we'll post changes as they happen on the SCP Roleplay Discord in #change-logs.

🏆 Staff Promotions🏆

For those who weren't promoted this month, we wish you luck in the upcoming month.

Senior Admin



Jason Taylor
Tom Higgs

Head Moderator

Ethan Mendez
Sven Sky
Adam McDaneld
Albert 'Negan' White

Senior Moderator

'Gian' Carlo
John Marley
Tyler Black

📝 New Features 📝

  • New VGuns
    • Added ARX160 (Assault Rifle)​
    • Added EBR14 (Assault Rifle)​
    • Added F90 MBR (Assault Rifle)​
    • Added P320 (Pistol)​
    • Added Silver Ghost (Pistol)​
    • Added G17.Ethics (Pistol)​
    • Added RPK-74M (LMG)​
    • Added Spectre M4 (Submachine Gun)​
    • Added SKS (DMR)​
    • Added CZ75 B (Pistol)​
  • Models
    • New models for Security Officers
    • New models for Riot Officers
    • New models for Class-D Scout
    • New models for Alpha-1
    • New models for Tech Expert
    • New models for Delta Operative
  • Added SteamID button to the Regiments tab

⚖️ Balance & QOL Changes ⚖️

  • Removed O-1 Specialist's Deployable Shield​
  • Removed O-1 Officer's Deployable Shield​
  • Replaced O-1 Enforcement's Heavy Shield with a Deployable Shield​
  • Replaced RRT Sergeant's Heavy Shield with a Riot Shield​
  • Internal Affairs now have weapon checkers​
  • Internal Affairs famas replaced with P90​
  • Internal Affairs have helmet cameras by default​
  • Internal Affairs have elastic restraint​
    • Expanded Chaos Filesystems/chaos/R&D (CL2)​
    • /chaos/R&D/Research Department​
    • /chaos/R&D/Development Department​
    • /chaos/R&D/Other Files​
    • /chaos/intelligence (CL2)​
    • /chaos/intelligence/Captured Files​
    • /chaos/intelligence/Prisoners & Interrogations​
    • /chaos/Command Files (CL4)​
    • /chaos/Trash Bin​

  • Expanded IA Filesystems
    • /foundation/departments/internal_affairs/policies_and_procedures​
    • /foundation/departments/internal_affairs/duty_reports​
    • /foundation/departments/internal_affairs/investigation_reports​
    • /foundation/departments/internal_affairs/arrest_records

  • Added archive folder in root foundation directory (CL3)​
  • SCP-096 breach swep removed​
  • ID Card (Spy) & ID Card (Spy) (Own-Team) allows disguising as civilians​
  • SCP-096 door breaking damage doubled​
  • Removed SLAM and crowbar from SCP-914​
  • Changed CI Commander slots from 1 -> 2​
  • Changed CI Strike Team slots from 2 -> 4​
  • Changed CI Delta Operative slots from 4 -> 2​
  • Replaced CI Strike Team AK74m -> AK-12.​
  • Replaced CI Delta Operative AK-12 & KSG -> PKM​
  • Lowered scrap dealer weapon cooldown from 60 minutes -> 40 minutes​
  • Lowered printer credit top-up timers as following: (subject to change)
    • Researcher -> 30 minutes​
    • Senior Researcher -> 20 minutes​
    • Exec. Researcher -> 5 minutes​
    • Site Administration -> 5 minutes​
    • CI Officers+ -> 20 minutes​
    • CI R&D -> 20 minutes​

  • SCP-682 Will now deal 2x damage to doors and blast doors​
  • Scrap dealer prices are adjusted as follows: (subject to change)​
    • CL2 Keycard from 700 -> 500​
    • Tranquilizer Pistol from 2000 -> 600​
    • Grenade from 700 -> 600​
    • Uzi from 750 -> 700​
    • Replaced Glock -> Desert Eagle. (price staying 500)​

🗺️ Map Changes 🗺️

No changes were made to the map last month.

🛠️Bugfixes & Optimizations 🛠️

  • Disabled sitting on any entities besides prop_physics and the world​
  • Fixed Medical Mod entities not working as intended​
  • Possible fix for SCP-076 sword hold-type being weird
  • Configured group chat for D-Class
  • CI group chats and door groups fixed
  • Allowed combat medics to open medical cabinets and access the medic menu
  • Fixed SCP-008 getting 2000 HP when infected instead of 400
  • Fixed Binocular overlay being missing textures
  • Fixed 076-IIs sword animation
  • Fixed uploading documents containing images
  • Documents which are printed from the clipboard will now upload their raw images to our web server and replace the image URLs with the image stored in the Civil Gamers image server
  • Using a computer now prevents the AFK system from taking weapons and keycards away
  • Possible fix for riot shields being invisible for RRT
  • Fixed Chemist and civilian faces appearing as missing textures (should hopefully be working as intended)

❌ Removed Features ❌

No features have been removed this month.

📚 Rules Changes 📚

  • 1.16(b) Base Camping - You can not kill someone directly outside their base unless they interact with you within combat or RP unless you are raiding.​
  • Temporarily updated rule 2.6(a)​
    • CI can raid the facility when authorized by a CO, once every 60 minutes. A raid starts once CI breaches the front compound of the facility or fenced off area leading to the vents. Only 4 CI may enter the vents. Once personnel raiding the base die they cannot return. A raid ends when all CI are dead; timers begin counting down once a raid has ended.​
  • Temporarily updated rule 2.6(a.3)​
    • CI Deep Cover may only raid every 40 minutes. If the Deep Cover job is used in the main raid the Deep Cover raid cooldown is used and the player must wait out the remaining time.​

    It is possible that some changes are not included in this post.



Well-known Member
Apr 18, 2022
are you guys going to add the Serpents hand or the GOC or the Church of the broken Gods if not that is fine but it would be very cool to see one of those put into the RP.