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Civil Gamers SCP RP Rules

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All decisions made in game by staff are to be respected. If you feel that your punishment was unjust then speak to an Admin+ in game or make a forum complaint or a ban appeal. Arguing back will simply result in a mute, gag, warn or ban.
Section 1: Basic Rules

1.1 Don’t RDM - You need a valid RP reason to kill someone. Reasons for shooting/attacking someone are:
  • You or someone else is in a life-threatening situation, e.g. you are shot at or held at gunpoint.
  • You see someone pick locking/hacking a door or an enemy team trespassing.
  • Giving someone verbal commands to stop what they are doing and they continue their actions.
  • Someone witnesses you performing a hostile activity such as hacking a door or stealing files.
  • You are a D-class starting a riot with a weapon. It is FailRP to start a riot (e.g. punching security guards) unless you have found a weapon (knife, gun) that you can use.
1.2 Don’t FailRP - FailRP stands for "Fail Roleplay". It's when someone acts in a very unrealistic way that their character would not do. Decisions must be realistic and players must stay in character. For example, in a hostage situation if the negotiator kills the hostage to resolve the situation that would be unrealistic and FailRP. Other Examples of FailRP would be:
  • Speaking as an SCP that does not speak (see section 4).
  • Suiciding for no RP reason.
  • Playing as an SCP and doing inappropriate actions such as dancing as 106.
  • Using SCP-914 as a CI Juggernaut.
  • B-Hopping around.
  • Holstering a weapon in RP.
1.3 Don’t VDM - Running people over with your vehicle without an RP reason.

1.4 Don’t break NLR - New Life Rule means that you can not remember or use any information from a previous life in RP.

1.5 Don’t RDA - You must have a valid RP reason in order to detain someone.

1.6 Don’t Metagame - Using information gained from an out of character source to gain an advantage against others. Some examples of third party/OOC sources are:
  • Discord
  • OOC & LOOC chat
1.7 Don’t ERP - We have a zero-tolerance policy on Erotic Roleplay. Going out of your way to ERP is unacceptable and will be met with serious consequences.

1.8 Be Respectful To Others - Toxicity in any capacity, be it discrimination or generally being offensive or excessively rude to other players is not tolerated. Harassing other players in a targeted manner is especially intolerable.

1.9 Don’t hitbox abuse - Spamming crouch, jump or crouch jump. You must act realistically during combat.

1.10 Don’t Job Abuse - Do not abuse your job; this is where you change jobs to give yourself benefits/advantages under certain circumstances. For example, you are playing Chef and see a D-Class escaping so you switch jobs to security to shoot the D-Class.

1.11 Racism - Racism is not tolerated in any situation; jokingly being racist is not an exception to this rule.

1.12 Don’t Powergame - Powergaming is when you use /me for unrealistic RP actions e.g. /me punches the man opposite him in the head and kills him. Powergaming is also defined as forcing an RP situation or action onto somebody without giving them a chance via /roll (Whoever gets the highest number wins). An example would be breaking someone's leg against their will. Both sides will roll and if the person who wants to break the other person's leg gets the higher roll then the victim who lost the roll will have to RP having a broken leg as they lost the roll in that RP scenario.

1.13 Mixing - Mixing is the term used for mixing IC and OOC related topics together in character. Bringing up rules in character is classed as mixing and it will not be tolerated. Keep everything in character and professional. Examples of OOC topics:
  • Discord
  • Rules
  • Teamspeak
  • Saying when your going offline or online
  • Saying your going AFK
If you wish to relate your IC words to OOC topics you may hint at those OOC topics by using more realistic words such as email instead of Discord. Furthermore, if you wish to speak out of character use the /looc command.

1.14 FearRP - You must fear for your life as if you were put into that situation yourself in real life. Grounds for FearRP are:
  • Being unarmed and at gunpoint no matter the number of aggressors.
  • Having your weapon out but still being surrounded and outnumbered 2:1.
  • Armoured vehicles can be put under FearRP if they are unarmed vehicles.
  • Vehicles in transit cannot be put under FearRP. The vehicle must be stationary.
  • You may not purposefully expose yourself to virulent SCPs (008, 049) unless ordered to at gunpoint by CI or Foundation.
1.15 LTAP - Leaving to avoid punishment is when a player leaves the server to avoid punishment from a staff member and it will result in a ban.

1.16 Spawn Camping -You can not kill someone directly outside their spawn unless they interact with you within combat or RP, MTF cannot shell with a LAV/BTR past Chaos Insurgency's Garage unless an active CI member is engaged in combat with the armed vehicle. (e.g shooting at you within their spawn or trying to capture you.)

1.17 Body Blocking - You may not body-block if you are unarmed (including shields), or playing an immortal SCP.

1.18 Body Boosting - This is allowed but only if one person is boosting you. Using multiple people as a ladder is not acceptable and is punishable.

1.19 Baiting - Baiting is not allowed. For example, getting yourself kidnapped in order to allow your teammates to open fire on the capturing team.

1.20 Naming Conventions - Names used when creating a character must be realistic and not contain any special characters, unnecessary letters, numbers, or resemble a famous celebrity or character.

1.21 Impersonating Staff - Impersonating staff is not allowed. Simply mimicking or pretending to be a specific member of staff for the purpose of gaining a rank or purely out of spite will not be tolerated.

1.22 Bug/Script Abuse - Don’t hack, script, or abuse glitches. Don’t do anything that can be seen as giving you an unfair advantage over other players.

1.23 Self Supplying - Gun Dealers may not self-supply except for 1 gun for self-protection.

Section 2: Roleplay Rules

2.1 Respect the chain of command - Follow the chain of command, (see section 3). You must follow your orders unless they are breaking specific server rules.

2.2 Use equipment realistically - Equipment must be used realistically and not be abused. Enhanced Armoury equipment must not be used against human combatants, a matador can be used against armoured vehicles. This rule does not extend to SCPs, however, there must be 2 or more SCPs breached for Enhanced Armoury equipment to be used. CI - Juggernaut cannot use any rare weapon against human combatants and SCPs,

2.3 Loyalty to your team - You can't divulge information (unless you get interrogated) or assist the enemy team.

2.4 Combat Cuffing - Do not attempt to cuff someone whilst in a combat scenario, you may only cuff someone in a controlled RP situation.

2.5 Kidnapping Rules - When CI kidnaps a foundation member they must have intentions for the hostage such as execution, interrogation, or making demands to the foundation for a profit. The hostage’s life should always be valued and the foundation must make a good plan to get the hostage back that does not break the FailRP rule. A person may only be kidnapped for up to 30 minutes.

2.6(a) CI Raiding - CI can raid the facility when authorized by a CO, once every 30 minutes. A raid starts once CI breaches the front compound of the facility or fenced off area leading to the vents. Only 4 CI may enter the vents. Once personnel raiding the base die they cannot return. A raid ends when all CI are dead; timers begin counting down once a raid has ended.

2.6(a.2) CI Raiding - CI cannot raid if less than 4 MTF are online.

2.6(a.3) CI Raiding - CI Deep Cover may only raid every 20 minutes.

2.6(b) Foundation Raiding - Foundation MTF personnel can raid the CI Base when authorised by MTF Nu-7 Commander, the Director of Intelligence or the Site Administration e.g (O5, Ethics, Site Director/Advisor). They may raid once every 30 minutes. A raid starts once foundation personnel have started hacking the breach doors at the entrance of the Chaos Insurgency base. Once personnel raiding the base die, they cannot return. A raid ends when all MTF personnel are dead; timers begin counting down once a raid has ended. Valid reasons for raiding are:
  • A facility SCP is captured by CI.
  • CI has kidnapped a foundation member.
  • Retrieving Stolen Documents (This doesn't give MTF a reason to destroy all of CI's pre-existing documents).
2.6(b.2) Foundation Raiding - MTF cannot raid if less than 4 CI are online unless they kidnapped a member of foundation

2.6(c) Chaos Deep Cover - Chaos Insurgency deep cover may only enter the facility when authorised by a Chaos Commanding Officer. Entering the facility as a deep cover must have valid reasoning e.g., A member of chaos has recovered a foundation keycard allowing deep cover to enter and retrieve files. Deep cover may not re-enter the facility after death unless a separate infiltration mission is approved by a CO.

2.7(a) FailRP Trespassing - Foundation personnel cannot enter the Chaos Insurgency base or surrounding territory around the base without a valid reason that has been cleared by site administration.

2.7(b) Trespassing as Surface Zone - Civilians, Gun Dealers, Chefs & Medics are forbidden from entering the facility in RP, CGITV, Ranger & MC&D may enter with a valid reason.

2.8 Pausing RP - Only staff have the power to pause RP. If someone in a RP scenario breaks a rule then contact staff and carry on with the RP scenario until staff arrive and deem it appropriate to pause RP. This rule makes RP more enjoyable for everyone and gameplay becomes more fluent.

2.9 Senior Position Limit - You may only hold one senior position across all of your characters. Senior positions are defined as: O5 Council, Ethics Committee, Departmental Directors & Chiefs, and MTF/C.I. Officers & Commanders.

2.10 Network Position Limit - You may not hold a senior position on SCP-RP if you hold a commissioned officer rank on MilitaryRP.

2.11 UK/US Position Limit - You may only hold whitelisted and/or MTF positions on ONE of: SCP-RP UK, SCP-RP USA.

Section 3: Chain of Command

3.1 Global Base Hierarchy - The following chain of command applies at all times. Foundation Staff in higher positions in this table can give orders to those in lower positions.
Overseer Council | Ethics Committee
O5/Ethics Assistants (when under direct orders from O5/Ethics)
Site Administration (Site Director & Advisor)
Department Directors | Department Chiefs | MTF Commanders
O5/Ethics Assistants (when not under direct orders from O5/Ethics)
Executive Researchers | Ambassadors | Security Captains | MTF Commissioned Officers
Internal Affairs | Intelligence
MTF Operative
Security Staff
All other personnel

3.2 Departmental Hierarchy - If you fall under 'All other personnel' in the above hierarchy, then you can give other players an order only if they are in your department and you are playing a more senior job than them. e.g. a Senior Researcher can give a Junior Researcher orders. If you are playing a job listed in the Global Base Hierarchy, then that takes priority and Departmental Hierarchy does not apply.

Section 4: PAC3 Editor Rules

Abusing the PAC3 editor will result in your PAC3 access being revoked

4.1 All PAC3 creations must be realistic and not break the FailRP rule.

4.2 It is prohibited to resize yourself.

4.3 Loud & annoying sound effects are not allowed.

4.4 Oversized and massive props are prohibited.

4.5 It is prohibited to change your playermodel and your playermodels materials. Changing key features of a playermodel such as the head and chest is classed as changing your playermodel.

4.6 The PAC3 rules can be voided by a Game Master if you are helping in an event and using PAC3 for an event character.

4.7 Abusing the PAC3 camera to gain an advantage is prohibited.

Section 5: SCP Rules

SCP Golden Rule: Never kill-farm. Kill-farming is sitting in a spawn area, e.g. D-Block or MTF Bunks, and repeatedly killing people when they spawn. SCPs are not mindless killing machines, remember that you have more objectives than simply killing humans (e.g. reaching the surface).

SCP Silver Rule: Role-play during experiments. Do not instantly kill D-Class introduced to your cell; this is poor roleplay and not fun for other players. All use of your microphone must be in-character for that SCP (see below).

5.2 Surface SCP's may not enter the facility unless they have been captured by Foundation personnel. If a Surface SCP enters the facility it is classed as FailRP.

5.3 Do not accept a surface queue offer in RP, if you cannot leave RP when the timer ends, leave a message in /LOOC to indicate you will be accepting a queue. If you accept a queue in RP without any warning it is classed as FailRP.
5.4 Surface SCPs may be captured for 30 minutes, then they must be terminated. If left alone for more than 5 minutes the player may leave the SCP job.
5.5 SCPs cannot cooperate with CI

SCPCan Speak?Other Rules
SCP-049Using the voice line system, text chat. Can use voice chat only if making a reasonable effort to speak with an ominous in-character style.N/A
SCP-049-2Make zombie noisesN/A
SCP-008-2Make zombie noisesN/A
  • Cannot purposefully look at people
  • Must sit down (crouching) when not in agro state
  • Must only kill those that look at its face or purposefully block its path e.g body blocking a door
  • Whilst breached SCP-096 may roam when left undisturbed for more than 60 seconds
  • Cannot enter other SCP’s chambers without an RP reason
SCP-457Using text chatN/A
SCP-939Using the voice line system or text chatN/A
SCP-035Yes with a host body
  • Can silent breach if a host is obtained out of the auto breach system
SCP-912Using the voice line system or text chat
  • Must follow all orders from uniformed security personnel ( Including CI)
  • Must arrest any dangerous individuals that pose a threat with the exception of security personnel.
  • Must protect itself and other security personnel.
  • Only use lethal force against others using lethal force. Arrest where appropriate.
  • Should only enter D-Block during a riot.
  • Should not be used in raids or breaches.
SCP-323 (Surface SCP)May only Grunt / Heavy Breathing Via Voice Communications.N/A
SCP-9000-A-XMake zombie noisesN/A
  • Cannot enter other's SCP chambers without an RP reason
  • Must repair any injured players they see (Foundation, D-Class, C.I...)

Section 6: Group Rules

Group rules refer to all MTF units, site command, facility staff and chaos insurgency. All of those categories listed are groups and they can be found in the regiments tab in the F4 menu.

6.1 Rank skips - Are not allowed unless a new commander has been selected and is in need of command staff or they wish to reform the group members. A new commander will have a 2 week rank skip window to rank skip who they wish with authorisation from group managers and higher command e.g 05 council or CI commander.

6.2 Paperwork/Document Ownership - Any documents or paperwork related to a team must be in the team's current commander ownership with full access. In the event of a commander resigning, all documents must be transferred to a designated senior staff member with full access. In the event of a new commander being selected, the new commander will be transferred all relevant documents with full access. If a commander withholds any team documents or paperwork from senior staff they will face severe consequences.

6.3 Rank Transfers - Must be authorized by the Site Command eg. (O5 and Ethics) and the person transferring must be at least Command Sergeant. If the transfer is accepted the person transferring will transfer 4 ranks below their original rank.

6.4 Promotion cooldown guidelines:
GroupFoundation Ranks InvolvedCooldown
Lance Corporal
3 days
Non-Commissioned OfficersCorporal
Command Sergeant
5 days
Commissioned OfficerLieutenant
7 days

GroupChaos Insurgency Ranks InvolvedCooldown
Chaos InsurgencyAlpha
3 days
Chaos Insurgency NCOGamma
5 days
Chaos Insurgency OfficersDelta Commander
Brigade Commander
Major Commander
Lieutenant Commander
7 days
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