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May 1, 2022
Your in-game name: Frank Bill

Your SteamID:

Your steam community link:

Date of ban: 05/05/2022

What is your exact ban reason (shows when you try to connect): Mass RDM

Who banned you: Phoenix (I think)

Ban length?: 2 weeks

What server were you banned on?: (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): SCP-RP USA

Link a copy of the in-game rules here (the url):

What will you do to stop this from happening again: To stop this heinous behavior from occurring again I am striving to maintain self control and alert the in game authorities or admins when I have an issue.

Prior to this, have you ever been warned/kicked/banned?: I have had a singular 1 day ban for previous RDM and multiple RDM warnings.

Why should you be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned because I have had some time to think about my actions and when I performed these actions I thought I was doing the right thing by terminating incompetent Gensec. However with the time I've had to think I realize that was very childish and immature. I sincerely apologize for the disturbances I have caused and will control myself in the future.

How can you ensure that you won't break any other rule?: Whilst is it Imposible to ensure many things I promise I will not take things into my own hands from now on and alert the proper authorities. Be it Admins or in game officials I will go to them instead of performing such immature and reckless actions.

Why do you want to rejoin this server?: I want to rejoin the server because it is a truly wonderful experience. The people I meet, the hilarious interactions, the events, and the roleplay are so much fun and incredibly entertaining. I really missed the server and will do whatever I can to not be banned from it again.


SCP-RP Staff
Platform Team
Feb 10, 2022
Appeal Accepted

Hi @jingleswest

Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal.

After speaking to the staff that gave you your punishment and seeing your apologetic appeal we've decided to reduce your ban to 2 days as this wasn't your first infraction.
We apologize about the delay of the verdict being given and any inconveniences caused.

Please read over the SCP-RP Rules to ensure that this does not happen again as you won't be given another chance if this does happen again.

Kind regards,
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