ShaneMs Blacklist Appeal

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Trial Moderator
Trial Moderator
CityRP Staff
Dec 26, 2020
Your in-game name: [A] ShaneMShannyM - Imgur.png
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:522491435
Your steam community link:
Date of blacklist: 3/10/2021
To the best of your knowledge, why were you blacklisted?: Breaking economy, Long history of warnings/bans and posting cheats in discord.
Please list any times you have used methods to change or hide your IP (incl. game streaming, e.g. GeForce Now): None
Please list any alt accounts: STEAM_0:1:573548227, STEAM_0:0:575249800 , STEAM_0:0:575217269
Who blacklisted you? (if known): Relman
Link a copy of the in-game rules here (the url):
What will you do to stop this from happening again: Giving the server a break when i get bored because when i get bored i would normally start breaking rules and start being stupid. I have realised how stupid it was and led to me being blacklisted i really enjoyed the server and I miss it and its community.
Prior to this, have you ever been warned/kicked/banned/blacklisted? I have been banned/kicked/warned many times prior to this.
Why should you be unblacklisted: I should be unblacklisted because this community is really good and I'm sorry for what I did also I have put lots of time and effort into the server I am passionate about the server and found it really enjoyable when I was playing it. I am sorry for what I did that day it was stupid of me to do and now I look back on it and regret doing it. I also want to come back and make a positive impact on the server and also show the staff I have changed and matured a lot more from the time of the incident and think that I'm ready to come back to the community
How can you ensure that you won't break any other rule?: I can ensure that i wont break any rules by showing you that my attitude has changed towards the server and showing you that i have matured since my ban. I have also realised that the staff team put so much work and effort in the server for it to have an amazing community.
Why do you want to rejoin this server?: I would like to rejoin this server because i made so many friends and memory's with 1000s of hours spent playing Civil City. I want to continue making them with this amazing community. Civil City is only the good city rp server on Garry's Mod and with its regular updates with its brand new custom content that no other server has. I am also looking forward to CC 4.0 hopefully playing with all the new updates and changes.
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Senior Developer
Senior Developer
Mapping Team
Dec 20, 2020
Ban Reduced

Hi Shane,

Thanks for taking the time to make a ban appeal. I have chosen to reduce your blacklist to a ban from CityRP for six months from the release of CC4. This is due to the severity of your actions, as well as the extent that we believe you can be negatively influenced by your friends.

You may re-appeal in 2 months time, if you keep good behaviour both within the community as well as outside, we may consider lifting your ban then.​
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