[UK] Eclipse Level 3 Appeal

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Dec 3, 2022
'Eclipse' / 'Checkers'
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Please state if it is for SCP-RP UK or USA:
Level of appeal (2 or 3):
Have you already carried out a level 1 appeal - please give details:
Before being removed, I stated my side of the story/why I believed the removal was invalid. The removal was carried through anyway, and a Level 1 appeal would go over the same points.
Who did you carry out the level 1 appeal to, and where:
GEN "Warden" / Giudon over Discord DMs.
Rank demoted from:
Who demoted you?:
GEN "Warden" / Giudon.
Date of demotion?:
What is the case against you?:
The removal reason was "Powertripping" as put on the roster. Because this is not enough info, to roughly quote Giudon, this was because of a policy I instated following an RP situation involving A1/O5/Ethics on 25/11/2023 regarding not doing major treason/defection RP without OOC LTGEN+ approval first. It was also sparked by me removing some individuals from a Strike Team I lead.
Is this true?:
My instating of this policy did indeed happen, and was the reason for my removal, along with removal of two COs from Strike Team 1142.
Prior to this demotion, have you ever been demoted?:
I have been demoted 1 rank in the GOC from SGT > CPL in July of 2023 for inactivity. Otherwise, no.
Please list any previous roleplay demotion appeals:
What is your side of the story?:
My side of the story is best expressed in my previous appeal at https://www.civilgamers.com/community/threads/uk-eclipse-level-2-appeal.20550/ and it wouldn't be valuable to reiterate my points from it.
However, I will add on to my denial reason;

I do not believe the denial of my Level 2 appeal was legitimate. The denial reason states that I "penalize[d] people because I don't like the RP that they did", which is simply untrue. The OOC LTGEN+ approval policy I instated was specifically future-looking, and did not penalize anyone or create any disciplinary actions against any person unless the policy was broken in the future.
I privately considered punishment for those doing the treason RP with GEN "Warden", however this was not gone through with. I explicitly left the situation with him and allowed him to give me his views on it; I didn't want to take any disciplinary actions myself that would be unwarranted. As a result, no one was penalized. I'm totally fine with RP not going my way; the only things I considered here were the RP's effects on the overall health of the faction and side effects that the RP scenarios cause when making this policy.

I believe there may have been bias or some form of abuse involved in the decision of my last appeal, considering what the denial reason claims I've done. I don't feel that the reasoning was legitimate nor addressed my points on the issue, and I don't see why or how I "penalized" anyone. In addition, the fact I "cannot be trusted with a General position" is surely not something that could've come from an issue that could've been resolved with a simple revocation of a policy and chat over Discord or Teamspeak, and I believe the denial reason is flat out saying I did something that I provably didn't do.
In any case I would at least like further clarification than this denial reason, considering it does not leave me with any understanding of my removal reason.[/I]


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May 23, 2022
Hello @checkraisefold, your last demotion appeal was already a Level 3 (although you thought it was a Level 2), which means you may not appeal this demotion again.

Moved to denied.
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