Wybert "Goober" Lucien 2nd application for Ambassador of internal affairs <UK>

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May 10, 2023
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:587655060

Discord name: Cityismy#2966

For how long have you played on CG SCP: ~810 hours since 6/5/23

Age: 18

In what country are you located?: Scotland

Time zone: BST

Character name(s): Wybert "Goober" Zephyran, Gavin "Victim" Williams

Civilian name: Abdulrahman "Goober" Crawford

What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): UK

Do you have a mic?: Yes

List all whitelisted, MTF, or CI roles that you hold or have held:

- UNGOC LCPL (Holding) DEA Senior Agent (Held)

Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?:

- FearRP, Toxicity, FailRP/FearRPx2 FearRP, toxicity, Toxicity (1 day Ban), FearRP, ARDM/FailRP, FearRPx2, FailRP B, FearRP C and then banned for FearRP (D)
Toxicity (All of these warnings and bans are currently expired as far as I am aware)

Why are you applying for Internal Affairs Ambassador?

- I am applying for the position of Internal affairs ambassador mainly to expand my responsibilities within the Department of internal affairs and the site as a whole. Whilst I did find other departments enjoyable I believe that as Internal affairs I do a greater duty for the site, I see myself as a force of justice, and I have even grown rather fond of this role. I see that sometimes some of our agents can act rather unprofessionally, I would take great pleasure in changing this and as an Ambassador it would be a lot easier for me to do so.

What makes you suitable for Internal Affairs Ambassador?:

- I believe that I am suitable for the position of Ambassador for a few reasons, for one I am very active on internal affairs, I believe myself to be very just, fair and unbiased as possible when I make arrests, I also try to maintain the highest standard of professionalism when on duty as Internal affairs. I have also shown dedication to my role as Agent and am very knowledgeable on the Foundation Legal Codex. I also try to make myself very approachable, if an Agent needs help or has a question they would find it easy to ask me.

How many documents have you written? What makes a document good?:

- I have not currently written any documents for internal affairs but things that make a document good include:

Accurate information.

Good formatting.

Very detailed.

What are the responsibilities of the Internal Affairs Ambassador in RP?:

The responsibilities of an Internal affairs ambassadors are to:

- Hosting induction trainings for new IA agents and operatives.

- Punishing Agents that violate our departmental policies.

- General CL4 duties - Operating blast doors during major code 1s and code 5s, Opening electrical centres for maintenance.

- Maintaining interdepartmental relations with other departments

- Hosting trainings for current agents such as C1 practice trainings.

- Making sure members of the foundation such as other agents stay up to date with policies.

- Creating and assisting in higher level investigations.

Please give some lore about your Internal Affairs Ambassador character and what storylines they would be involved in:

Name: Wybert 'Goober' Lucien

Childhood Background: Commune child

Adulthood Background: Diplomatic Foreign Service Member

Early in his life Wybert was born to a commune stationed in the upper corner of Yukon, where he and he and his family fished day in and day out, earning their keep in the 'Mama Mia Moon Munchers.' The MMMM (pronounced mhm) was originally a commune of nomads, but after losing all their money to the Yakuza of Canada they settled down, opting for a reclusive life of living in RVs and shitting in the woods.

Life in the MMMM wasn't easy, as Wybert was the smallest of the Lucien brothers, and would have his fish stolen, as a 'little man tax' from his strongest brother, Dieudonné le Gros Cul. This brought Wybert a lot of guilt, and even pain, as his father would strike him upon realizing he wasn't bringing nearly as much fish as the other four.

Refusing to give up what he knew, he found his own fishing spot, where he would spend most days, and some nights. Here, he mastered the art of garum- a fish paste condiment, enjoyed in Rome. Through the garum trade, he would bring his family out of poverty, forgive Dieudonné, and poison his father, making him the Big Fish.

Life was good, as the garum trade allowed the Luciens to escape their frugal living. Their rich lifestyle brought upon unsavory clientele, one of them being the Queen of Whitehorse, a local greaser known for being the most muscled muscle around. The Queen of Whitehorse enticed the youngest of the Lucien brothers, Cramer, who would fall in love with her, upon seeing her viciously spear throw Wybert who attempted to court her with his 'second favorite rod.' Little did she know, this was all a ruse so that the Luciens could rise in the brutal hierarchy of Yukon, Canada.

Their relationship would be short-lived, as the Chief of MMMM would disapprove of the Lucien's plans, leading to a brutal shootout with the White Horses Whitehorse, and the expulsion of the last three remaining Lucien brothers.

Dieudonné would continue to grow his muscles, as he grew his faith in Christ. Ultimately, realizing how weak the Christian faith had become, and would eventually lead multiple attacks on the Muslim community of Quebec. The two brothers who haven’t been spoken of, Aloïs and Harold, would both end up in Groups of Interest. As the two were inseparable, they would eventually run away after securing their lifestyle and safety with Dieudonné and Wybert. As both were mere masters with their hands, Harold would please a Serpent's Hand operative while Aloïs would sneak in, and steal from the pants laying defencelessly on the ground. From this luck, Harold would be indoctrinated into the Serpent's Hand for his skills. Although, Harold was sought after by the Global Occult Coalition, who after hearing his sob story, offered him a position so that he may one day stage a raid, and rescue his brother. Both know not of how to find the other brother, besides that they are now connected to the anomalous community.

A few years after being split from his family, Wybert lives most of his life day by day, working for an exploitative company who got him hooked on adderall. Wake up, go to work, go back home. Every day was the same for Wybert, all until he had one small time Chinese adderall saleswoman come by. Her name was Bai ‘白族’ Lin. Seeing Wybert working with all his might, she knew she had to have him. With her vast collection of adderall, it was simple convincing Wyberts boss to have him be officially employed under her, of course she paid handsomely for this ‘transfer.’

For almost a year Wybert lived with the Chinese drug lord, who made him straighten up and lose his addiction. After this, though he was still owned by Bai, he was productive and refined. Using her ties, Bai got her husband a job as a small-time diplomat, using his connections to further her own ring of influence.

Though, she would use him without his consent often, playing with him and oftenly injecting him with various drugs at a surprise. This habit of abuse would continue throughout the entire relationship, happening whenever Bai felt sadistic, or bored. This was until he and Bai were at a social gathering of diplomats, and she finally stuck him full of an experimental hotshot. Within minutes, Wybert grew the courage to steal his freedom, by eating Bai. Sprinting out into the wilderness, tuxedo ripped off, Wybert roamed the woods, occasionally sneaking into a town to eat stray dogs. This is where Wyberts official story ends. A few months after the murder of Bai Lin, police authorities were still unable to find Wybert. As he lived on a commune his entire life, there were no official documents of his life before his diplomatic job. It was as if he disappeared. But eventually, there were reports of a Wendigo roaming the western parts of Canada, eating large mammals; dogs, Meese, or even bears. Upon seeing the mutilated bears, the Foundation wasn’t about to risk a possible massacre, so they sent agents in to find the cause and contain it; but they weren’t expecting Wybert Lucien, high off his ass. This is where his recognition as a diplomatic envoy came in, and the Foundation granted him a second chance at life, recruiting him into the Department of External Affairs because of his experience in diplomacy. After a few months of service in DEA he was transferred to internal affairs for his great investigation skills in his new position he would stop unethical acts day by day.
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Jun 5, 2022

+Oh my god its about TIME you applied, I understand you've had some mishaps in the past but you really have grown in maturity and respect on the server, even if you are a bit of a goof at times. You're active on IA and fairly reliable too. I think you'd be a pretty good fit as an ambassador.
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Tim Drake

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Aug 13, 2022

Interview Required

Good day, Agent Zephyran

After seeing your hard work through the last weeks and getting positive feedback from the Ambassador team, we've come to the conclusion that you're capable of performing the duties of an Ambassador. The next step in the application process will be an Interview. Please contact me on teamspeak or discord once you are ready for the Interview.

Kindest Regards,
Dpt. Director of Internal Affairs Tim Drake
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