Civil CityRP Rules and Laws

All rules listed must be obeyed at all times.

Common rules:

- Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch) - RDM is killing someone with no proper roleplay motive. Killing someone for revenge, self defence or financial / positional gain is allowed (as long as an admin deems the motive legitimate)
- Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) - NLR is acting in roleplay upon something which occurred prior your characters last death. Don't return to where you died before 10 minutes has passed.
- Do not Job Abuse - Job abuse is serious in government jobs, failing to fulfil a government jobs role will get you banned from the job.
- Do not Prop Climb
- Do not Prop Surf
- Do not Prop Spam
- Do not Prop Kill
- Do not Fail RP
- Do not Rope Spam
- Do not FDA (Fading Door Abuse)
- Do not RDA (Random Arrest)
- Bating is not allowed.
For example, don't walk around with a gun out only so that you can get chased by the police.
- Do not CDM (Car Deathmatch) - CDM is deliberately killing pedestrians with your car for no real reason
- Don't mass mug - You must wait 10 minutes before you can Mug again.
- Don't mass raid - You may only raid once every 10 minutes. You may only raid the same person/base/bank every 15 minutes.
- Don't counter raid - You may only raid a building if no one else is. This rule does not apply to police forces.
- Don't kill in green zones - Green zones are newspawns in the Nexus and all car dealers, you cannot kill people in these areas.
- Don't place bounties randomly - This is the same as RDM. You must have a valid RP reason before placing a bounty.
- No real world trading - Trading in-game currency or items for real world money or items will get you permanently banned.
*NEW*Mugging limits - You can only mug for the maximum amount a person has, to check this use the command /balance

Building rules:

- KOS Sign's are not allowed. If someone is trespassing on your property and posing a threat towards yourself you may shoot them.
- If you're building you must have a building sign up. While building you may not own the following: Printers, Guns, Drugs.
- You're not allowed to use one way walls. This is seen as unrealistic and unfair for raiders.
- You're not allowed walkways which can only be shot through one way. This covers things building on a decline and shooting people's feet.
- If you decide to build outside your house it must look realistic I.e No huge/glowing walls.
- Additionally, your buildings must be realistic, I.e No 15 foot walls, corridors of death, stone barriers hanging from your ceiling. Keep your structures roleplay suitable. If you real buildings don't have it then you probably shouldn't build it. If you're uncertain then call an admin.
- You're not allowed to use No-Collided entrances, It's unrealistic to walk through walls.
- The entrance to your base may only include one fading door.
- A base perimeter wall must be placed on an already existing wall in the map, and can be up to the same height as the wall it is on only.
- Hobo's can build their homes on the street. As a hobo build small shelters, which are not in the way of any buildings or pathways / roads. (Note, police may tell you to move on if you're building in public areas)
- Only build inside your property. No objects can be placed outside of your owned property, excluding fenced off ground.
- No tunnel entrances. Entrances where players have to crouch to get into the base, or in any part of the base are not allowed
- No pixel holes. Don't build tiny holes to shoot through, a shooting hole needs to be atleast the height and width of a keypad.
- Fading doors must be linked to keypads. All fading doors must be linked to atleast one keypad for each side of the door, the keypad cannot be hidden, and must be obvious.
- Don't block cameras with transparent props to prevent them being destroyed.
- Two fading doors: Two fading doors: you can only use 1 fading door per base for an entrance minimum but overall every person in the base can use 1 fading door to protect there miners or printers.

Exceptions to these rules can be made by Super/Server Admins in certain situations for some buildings/bases, however this is not a guarantee and is unlikely.

Combat rules:

- While in combat you should try to avoid cross-fire, shooting people not involved in the conflict on purpose is seen as RDM.
- When in combat only kill people who are a threat to you, don't kill people in or near your target person / property unless they are clear threats (E.G. holding weapons / attacking you)
- Medics cannot revive people during a raid. Medics can revive people after a raid, however not during a raid or gunfight.
- Government and career teams can not raid. Only un-categorised, underground or business teams may raid.
- You may only kill to defend another person if they're in your organisation or if you are currently roleplaying with that person (so if you're driving around/raiding with them) (unless you're CP). This means you can't just kill a S.W.A.T officer to defend a gunstore that's been raided.

Theft rules:

- Only Citizens, Career and Underground teams can steal, Stealing items, vehicles or any other property as teams outside of these categories is not allowed
- You do not need a reason to steal things, You can steal vehicles and items without any specific RP reason
- Stolen items are your property, Once you've stolen something, it's yours, there are no limits to how you can use or abuse stolen things


- FearRP is not a rule! Anything you are happy to risk ingame is allowed, running from thiefs or police is fine, as long as you are happy to accept the risk of dying or being arrested.
- We value realism. FearRP doesn't exist because we believe you should only be fearful of things worth being fearful of.

Job Specific Rules:

- Farming fires. If you farm fires to make money you will be banned from fire man for a week.
- Paramedics must do their job. Paramedics must revive any injured person no matter what.
- Tow trucks must fix cars. Unless the person is refusing to pay the chosen fee, the tow truck driver must fix broken cars.
- Bus Drivers must follow their route. Bus drivers must follow their bus route and not use the bus job to purely transport themselves and friends.
- Emergency Service jobs must stay neutral. Medics must revive all injured people, not certain ones. Remember they cannot revive during raids or combat!
- Business teams must have shops. Business teams which should have shops such as chef and gun dealers must have shops active at all times, and be selling to the public.
- Prostitutes can not base with gangs. Prostitutes work for themselves or the night club, they can not base with a gang and heal their team members only.

Greenzone Rules:
Where are greenzones? Greenzones are located at car dealers, the Nexus, the bank and in the close proximity of all ATM's
Do not initiate the following RP in the green zone. Mugging, killing and stealing.
Do not use the Greenzone(s) as a safe haven If you run into a Greenzone whilst in an RP situation, you remain in that RP situation despite it being a greenzone. i.e you can still get arrested if wanted
By committing a crime in the Greenzone you wave your right to the protection of the zone If you pull a gun out, have printers or whatnot you very well might end up being arrested.

Car rules:

- Be mindful of bystanders. If someone walks out onto the road you must try and stop.
- You can use your car as a weapon as long as you have an RP reason If your life is in danger you may use your car as a weapon, only to kill those who threaten you
- Park sensibly, when leaving your car try to park it in a proper place, failure to do so allows traffic police to ban your license and tow your vehicle

Police rules:

- Police can not break the law, while police can take bribes to 'forget' crimes, they can not commit crimes them self, such as buying printers / murder.
- Police must obey the command of the chief and the Mayor. If the chief or mayor tells you to do something and you do not you'll be demoted!
- Police should only shoot if the other person is a threat. This means if there holding a weapon out or posing a threat.
- Don't random arrest, if you are arresting someone, they must have clearly broken a law which you can name.
- Don't spam checkpoints. A checkpoint is a barricade in the road to stop vehicles passing, a checkpoint must look nice, allow legitimate traffic through, and be necessary.
- Don't place hits. This is seen as FailRP as you're paying someone for murder.
- Don't point your gun at people randomly. Police should only point guns at people who are breaking the law / being arrested.
- Don't random stun. Police should only stun gun people who attempt to resist arrest or run from a scene.
- Don't ban someone's driving license if they are in their car and are moving. Get the suspect out of their car or at least make them stop before you ban their license.

Gang rules:

- Gangs must use up to two buildings. You may not buy a third building, If you do want to move building you must remove all the items from your previous one.
- Gun dealers and Government teams cannot be part of a gang. This is seen as FailRP and job abuse as it goes against their job role.
- Gang wars must last a sensible time. Two gangs can declare war, but this can't go on too long to avoid pissing people off.
- Only KOS if both gangs agree on a war. Two gangs can not KOS each other unless both gangs have agreed on a conflict.

Permanent laws. These are base laws which exist, no matter what the Mayor has said in-game. Contradicting these as the Mayor is job abuse and FailRP.

Laws: [These laws are breaching RP rules. Police can arrest for them, but they are not SERVER RULES]

1. Holster your gun. [Holding a gun out in public is seen as disrupting the peace]
2. Using excessive foul language in public. [Swearing and disturbing other citizens is seen as a breach of the peace]
3. Armed robbery. [Breaking and entry, or robbery of commercial property]
4. Assault. [Threatening the life of somebody. Attacking people, or using weapons or status to force others to give up belongings or money]
5. Breaking and entry. [Do not attempt to gain access to somebody's car or property without permission]
6. Pay for fuel. [Leaving a gas station without paying for fuel]
7. Don't trespass. [Even if the door is open, an area marked as authorised entry only can not be entered]
8. Don't keep, create or distribute illegal substances. Drugs / guns and explosives are all deemed illegal, and can not be created, kept or distributed legally.
9. Printers are illegal. [Money printers are illegal no matter the circumstances]

Road laws: [These laws are breaching RP road rules. Police can arrest / ban licenses for them, but they are not SERVER RULES]

1. Dangerous driving [Putting yourself / others lives in risk by unsuitable driving behaviours]
2. Follow the speed limits [Going more than 10MPH over the speed limit of an area, exact speed limits written below]
3. Collision with another vehicle [If a collision occurs, the person deemed responsible is in breach of this law]
4. Park suitably [Not parking in a designated parking area E.G. in the middle of the road / on a yellow line]
5. Your vehicle must be road worthy [A significantly damaged vehicle must be taken straight to a mechanic before driven again]
6. Stop for the police [Failure to stop when signalled by police is seen as resisting arrest]
7. Give way for delivery vehicles [Delivery vehicles such as lorries and vans take priority over regular traffic, as they are business transportation]
8. Drive on the right [Try your best to drive on the right of the road only, driving on the left to over take an obstacle, or make a sharp turn is allowed]
9. Give right of way at stop signs [A stop sign indicates cars on the ahead road have right of way, wait for them to clear the way before pulling out]

Speed limits:

Town Center: 35 MPH
Cross Roads: 45 MPH
Hospital district: 55 MPH
Residentials: 35 MPH
Farm district: 45 MPH
Industrials: 35 MPH
Highway: 70MPH

These laws should be upheld by officers at all times.

Please Note: If you're playing as a President you do not need to include these on your law board.

Other rules:

- Admins final word. If a situation is deemed unsuitable, however is not listed in the rules, the responding admin may make their own decision. If you deem the admins decision unsuitable, make a forum complaint.

- Custom job titles. You can havea custom job title only while playing as a citizen / suited citizen. Your custom job title must not be the title of an already existing job, and must not be something which might merit illegal RP.
EXAMPLE [Setting your job title to Gun Dealer as a citizen is not allowed, setting your job title to fisherman is allowed. Setting your job title to something like 'Government Official' is not allowed, as it would merit you entering government areas.]

- Watch your profanity. Try to not deliberately use offensive / toxic language. Deliberately being offensive with no RP purpose is not suitable behaviour.

-Don't be a bully. We have a zero tolerance policy on this. Going out of your way to harass other players is unacceptable and will be met with serious consequence.

-Gun Dealers must sell to everyone. As a gun dealer you can not say no to a customer unless they have wronged you in RP, or you are busy building / in RP.

- Self supply. As a gun dealer you are allowed to buy yourself 1 or 2 guns for self defense, assuming you will remain as an active gundealer for 30 minutes minimum.

- Use only one fading door for each entrance. You can not use two fading doors in a row for one entrance.

- Fading door hold time must be at least 5 seconds. When creating a fading door it must not close automatically sooner than 5 seconds from being opened.

- DJ's are the only ones who can play music in public. Only play sensible music through your mic, if a Police Officer asks you to move on, you must take your music
someplace else.

- Truck Drivers are a protected job role. This means you may not prevent/hinder them from completing active delivery missions.

-You aren't allowed to scam people under any circumstances in or out of role play (This includes selling people your printers then leaving straight away)

VIP Rules:

- Do not use your VIP powers to your advantage in RP. This includes, but is not subject to, Godding in RP, Cloaking in RP, setting hp in RP and so forth.
- Do not noclip or TP in RP under any circumstances
- Do not noclip up to admin sit roofs. These are roofs that you can not normally get to.
- Do not TP to people without their permission. You must always ask before you TP to people.
- Do not take admin situations into your own hands. You are not staff, under no circumstances take admin situations into your own hands. Apply for staff if you wish to help deal with these situations.
- When TP'ing to players and bringing players both parties must not be in RP This is also why it is vital you ask for permission before you TP, so you know if the other party is in RP.

Disclaimer: Breaking any of these VIP rules leaves you subject to losing your powers temporarily, or even permanently in some cases. Furthermore these rules are subject to change at any point so check regularly

Useful tips:

You do not have to advert Raid or Mug! Just make sure people know what's going on!

If you store your money in the ATM's it will remain safe and not be dropped on death.

Holding C will allow you to see your inventory, from there you can use a weapon that you've previously stored.