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Please note: If a staff member tells you something that is not in the MOTD... the staff member is correct! Don't argue with staff members judgment.

The Golden RP rules

Gold rule - Never shoot a brother
Silver Rule - Do not engage when a Jedi is in combat
Bronze Rule - Do not use weapons or equipment that do not belong to your regiment

General Server Rules
If you break any of these rules you will be punished depending on your past record and offense, as this server is a serious RP server we are quite strict on the rules to ensure players get a good RP experience without minges.

Random Death Match (RDM)- It sounds at first kind of a complicated term but when you put it simply it means: "Don't randomly kill people as you please". This means you have to have an actual VALID reason to kill a person.
Some criteria for killing players are :
-During events when battling against other droid players
-In an event, if a clone trooper is killing other clones and is infected with a disease that makes them kill other clones. (If a clone trooper attacks you outside of an event you have the right to defend yourself)

Fail RP- In any RP server, we hope that you try and RP as well as possible. Many of the job titles explain the main purpose of the job, this helps players to know what their job role requires them to do. Some examples of Fail RP could be:
-Bunnyhopping around the ship/base or during RP/combat.
Bunnyhopping: Consecutive jumps in a row while moving. If someone is jumping 1-2 times every few seconds, warn them to stop. If they continue jumping repeatedly then AOS. Do not confuse bunnyhopping with jumping jacks, for example, if they are in one position jumping on the stop that could be a commander or a high member of Clone ranks or fleet ranks telling them to do jumping jacks in a tryout or training.
-Jumping on other players heads
-Not following job requirements and doing a job you should not being doing as that job could maybe be for other jobs, for example a ARC trooper trying to detain/keep a trooper in control as they may be misbehaving, in a case like this it would be a job for a Coruscant guard as their job is to arrest and deal with misbehaving clones.
-Dancing/emoting while moving around.
-Dying then not forgetting your past life and reporting Intel to a CO that you found out before you died. This is unrealistic and you should forget everything in your past life once you die and re-spawn, and you should not mention any RP specific events things that happened in your past life before you died. An example of this is finding out important information about the enemy and then being shot and killed and re-spawning and then telling other clones or fleet about the information that you've found before you were killed. This is also known as meta game.
-Using your equipment such as grapple hooks or cloaking abilities randomly around the ship/base.
-Leaving to avoid an RP situation you are currently in.
-If you are handcuffed you must follow and obey the CG's orders.

Random Arrest (RDA)- This rule mainly applies to the Coruscant Guards and 2nd LT+ as they can arrest clones that break clone laws, a 2nd LT+ or coruscant guard will need a valid reason to order an arrest or physically arrest a clone trooper or any other personnel in the facility. This prevents them from running around and arresting whoever they want for no reason.

Basic rules that don't need explaining
1. Advertising of any form will not be tolerated and will result in a punishment.
2. Using Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits is not allowed. If found using them, you will be permanently banned.
3. Do not randomly fire a weapon. You must have an RP reason for firing a weapon.
4. Under no circumstance is you to impersonate staff member, this applies to staff and everyone.
5. Trolling is not acceptable and may result in a serious ban depending on the case.
6. No racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive language. This goes for in chat & OOC.
7. Mass breaking server rules with no intention of roleplaying will result in a serious ban.
8. When contacting staff, use @ before your message.
9. Serious Roleplay is always in effect unless prior stated by a staff member.
10. Do not avoid any punishments given by staff by any means for example LTAP (leaving to avoid punishment).
11. Do not disrespect staff.
12. Do not change the rank in your name to a different rank that you do not own or have reached yet, and don’t impersonate other ranks and act like you are a higher rank than what you are. For example, changing your rank to CPL (corporal) and acting like a CPL even tho you may only be PVT (Private).
13. Stay in character as much as possible when RPing.
14. No lore RP names or anything resembling a Star Wars character unless you are a CO, XO, Jedi General, or Delta Squad member and you want to resemble your character.
15. As a clone do not fly Jedi fighter ships, they are restricted to Jedi jobs only.
16. Fleet can only use pistols and grenades.
17. R2-D2, C-3PO cannot use firearms or grenades.
18. Senate guards can only use the default weapons they spawn with.
19. Helmets must be worn around the base at all times apart from being in the mess hall, debrief, bunks, and squad meetings.
20. Don't abuse the taser.
21. During combat you cannot tase your target if they are shooting at you, but you may use the tactical handcuffs and then tase your target..
22. Do not mic spam.
23. As the Bartender Droid do not play ear raped music on the music player.
24. Do not meta game.
25. Do not power game unless you are in a event and the event host says it is ok. An example of power game would be "/me tases bob", "/me dodges bobs taser and the punches bob in the face that stuns him".
26. Do not say any star wars orders such as order 66.
27. Your name must be realistic, so do not use names like xxxPR0SNIPE3Rxxx.

Clone RP Rules

1. Do not go into areas that are above your clearance level/rank/battalion or you will be arrested (AOS) or killed (KOS).
2. Listen to higher-ups and commanding officers and do not disrespect them.
3. If a high ranking clone or fleet member is being abusive or corrupt report it to a higher fleet member, e.g: Vice Admiral or above.
4. Do not have your weapon out off safety without permission, and do not point your weapon at innocent players/officers/other people.
5. Do not disrespect/talk down on other battalions or you will be demoted or arrested depending on the case.
6. Any breach of these rules will result in an arrest/warning, or if you constantly break these rules you will be demoted.
7. Do not exit the base without permission from fleet or your commanding officer.

Jedi Rules

1. Do not use your force abilities on Defcon 1. Using force abilities within the temple is allowed, as long as it is not abused. (Breaking this rule will result in a demotion and possibly the removal of your rank)
2. Lightsabers must be 2 wide and 42 long (default). You must also use a single saber unless given permission from general + (Guardians may use a dual saber after training)
3. You cannot command clones to do anything even with the permission of fleet unless you are a Jedi grandmaster or a Jedi general, for example, Obi wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker.
4. Jedi are not allowed to use any clone equipment or weapons, only lightsabers.
5. Jedi Need to request permission to use sim rooms.
6. Do not use any sith colors on your lightsaber or use sith force abilities unless a staff member has told you that it is ok to use them.
7. Do not randomly ignite your lightsaber on DEFCON 1 (Neutral state) unless you are doing training, joining a simulation, or using your lightsaber for self defence.
8. Initiates must stay inside the temple until trained to be a padawan.
9. Do not meditate in the middle of walkways or corridors, find a suitable place to meditate.

Event Rules

1. You cannot force fleet/CO’s/XO’s to do something, you may suggest things to them in the event e.g: different tactics.
2. Players who are playing event characters e.g: battle droids, must do as the event host tells them to do.
3. If you are using an event character you must take the role seriously.
4. Event rules will be set in place by the event host and they cannot be changed by clones, Jedi, or fleet. An example of an event rule could be “Jedi using certain force abilities like force leap and nothing else”.
5. Debriefs may take place after events, this will happen 90% of the time due to promotions and feedback but sometimes we may not need to do a debrief.
6. After an event ensure that the event host is given time to say a few words within debrief to gain feedback on the said event.

Useful RP Stuff

Salute 2nd LT and above and that includes all fleet.
Address SGT and above as “Sir” or “Ma’am” depending on gender.
Contact staff by doing @ [your message here] in chat.
Don't break any Clone Rules or you will be punished by Coruscant Guards [cg].
Stay in character and have fun role playing.
KOS = Kill On Sight.
AOS = Arrest On Sight.
DOS = Demotion On Sight.
You need permission from the fleet to use the SIM rooms, and you must be 2nd LT and above to request permission to use the SIM rooms.
Once you reach SGT you may request to do TR Training ( Once you have finished you may train cadets and add TR in front of your name).
Make sure you get permission to enter and leave certain rooms that you do that have access to by doing /comms PTE [room name or area] and don’t forget to ask for permission to leave certain areas like squad briefing if you are needed elsewhere by doing /comms PTL [place that you are in e.g briefing room].
If you have bought Jedi you should read the Jedi guideline rules.

You will meet up with your battalion CO and the follow them with your battalion to the debrief area.
When waiting for the debrief host to arrive (Grand Admiral, Vice Admiral, Fleet Admiral, or Admiral) you will be in line with your battalion and ready to salute when the debrief host arrives at the podium.
In debrief, you must not speak or move around randomly and you must listen to the debrief information.
Debrief starts off with information about how troopers are doing and if their tactics are good or bad and if they did a good job or not, then they will discuss other further events and attacks they will do in the future and brief troopers about the next mission and what tactics they could use or improve on. Also, players can put a +1 in chat if they thought the event was good or put a -1 in chat if they did not like the event.
After debriefing information fleet and CO’s can hand out promotions if they think a trooper has done well in combat and for overall effort in their service of the Galactic Republic.
After promotions debrief will be over and you will have a chance to speak to fleet and CO’s about the event and even get the chance to speak to the event host and give him/her feedback about the event.

Tips and facts

SGT+ can train CR’s.
Screenshot useful information.
Use common sense and think about decisions.
The age limit for applying for Fleet is 14 and above and you must be mature.
To make your way up the ranks try your hardest and be active.
Use our complaints section on our forums to report admin abuse or commander abuse or come on TeamSpeak 3 and talk to us about your issue.
Use Teamspeak 3, it is a good way of communicating with players in different battalions and your own battalion. It is also easier to contact Fleet members about issues or just have general discussions with the community members. TS3 IP:
CO’s and XO’s can promote lower ranks in their battalion.
Do not use /comms unless you have permission from a Fleet member or your CO.
/comms is used for RP communication and it is used by 2ndLT+, But it can be used by everyone during an event/RP situation.
Guns must be on safety or holstered on DEFCON 1 (Neutral state) at all times.
The mess hall is an OOC area, so feel free to AFK, relax, or talk to other players in the mess hall.